Elk Ivory Tipped Bullet Necklace

This is a very unique pendant consisting of a bullet casing with an elk's tooth individually fitted as the tip of the bullet. An imaginative and creative way to display the magnificent elk's tooth from your favorite elk hunting trip. Each elk's tooth is carefully trimmed and fitted to each individual bullet casing. If you desire, you can also provide us with the bullet used to take the elk to be used as the main body of the pendant. 

Steps to order:

  1. Add to Cart.
  2. Complete Order Process.
  3. Ship your ivory to: PCJ 430 Main Street, Box 3532, Park City, UT 84060 (please do not ship in an envelope).
  4. You will receive your piece two weeks from when we receive your ivory.
  5. Enjoy your new hunting trophy!

To hunters an elk’s ivory represents more than just a tooth, it stands for a lifetime of hunting, memories, and days spent in wild country with family and friends.

Reference Number/SKU: 710-2000007

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