When the term 'ivory' is mentioned, your mind probably gravitates towards exotic animals like elephants or warthogs from distant lands or those housed in your neighborhood zoo.

However, right here in North America, our majestic elks are the proud bearers of two ivory teeth. These ivories, cherished for millennia across various cultures, often become a testament to a hunter's prowess, ingenuity, and determination, converted into remarkable pieces of jewelry.

Close-up view of an elk's mouth, highlighting the location of the two ivory teeth nestled in the upper jaw near the front.

Anatomy of an Elk’s Ivory

Known by various names such as "Eye Teeth," "Whistlers," "Buglers," or simply "Ivories," these special teeth are found in the upper jaw, where the canines would typically be. Both bull and cow elks possess these ivory teeth, believed to be remnants of tusks from their ancestral lineage.

Elks, alongside walruses, are the only North American animals with genuine ivory. Like other teeth in an elk, the ivories can get stained or wear down as the animal ages.

Journey of an Elk's Ivory

Elks are born with these prized ivories, which grow and evolve throughout their lifespan. The initial three years witness the development of the ivory, which is smaller in size and hollow, making their extraction a delicate process to avoid any damage.

Despite being hollow, these early-stage ivories are charming and can be transformed into beautiful pieces of jewelry. To ensure their durability, we fill these hollow ivories with epoxy.

A woman's hand gracefully wrapped around a man's arm, showcasing an intricate elk ivory ring with a unique braided accent, symbolizing a story of adventure and connection.
Hollow ivory and epoxy filled ivory

Elk ivories reach their peak development between the ages of 3 and 7, turning solid and reaching their maximum size. This period is considered the sweet spot for obtaining the most stunning and valuable ivories.

After the 7-year mark, the ivories undergo natural wear and tear, leading to staining and size reduction, hence decreasing their overall value.

Embody Your Hunt in Jewelry

The allure of elk ivory jewelry extends beyond mere aesthetics for most hunters. It could be a memento of their first elk, their biggest catch, their first hunt with a family member, or countless other precious memories. The jewelry serves as a splendid ice-breaker, inviting others to hear the tale of your hunt.

We at Park City Jewelers love the rich narratives that accompany each piece of elk ivory jewelry. Every ivory holds a unique significance, encapsulating stories of memorable hunts, shared adventures, and deep-rooted bonds.

This level of personalization transforms each creation from mere jewelry into keepsakes of cherished memories. We're not just crafting jewelry; we're crafting stories of unique experiences and unforgettable moments.

A man's hand sporting a distinctive two-toned gold and sterling silver elk ivory ring, featuring striking elk antler accents, exuding a sense of rugged elegance and a testament to his hunting heritage.
A man proudly wearing a sterling silver elk ivory belt buckle from Park City Jewelers, artistically designed with two prominently featured elk ivories, reflecting a stylish blend of personal hunting achievement and sophisticated craftsmanship.

What Sets Our Jewelry Apart

At Park City Jewelers, we excel at creating exceptional elk ivory jewelry for a myriad of reasons. What makes us different than other elk ivory jewelers is our dedication to retaining the maximum size of the ivory in each piece. This is achieved by crafting the jewelry to accommodate the ivory, as opposed to trimming the ivory to fit a pre-designed piece.

Many jewelers tend to shape the ivory to match their existing designs, often leading to significant reduction in the ivory's size. A quick online comparison will reveal that most ivories in other jewelry pieces appear uniform in size, with the "eye" of the ivory often misaligned.

Our jewelry pieces are custom-made, crafted from hand-carved wax molds, a time-intensive process that guarantees a high-quality final product. To top it off, we provide a free lifetime warranty on our craftsmanship.

Elk Ivory Jewelry: A Class Apart

Elk ivory makes a stunning statement on both men and women and can be converted into beautiful rings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, earrings, crosses, and more. We take pride in our exquisite collection of elk ivory jewelry, with each piece customizable with your ivories or chosen from our diverse selection.

The cherry on top? Providing your own ivories comes with a discount! Enjoy $100 off for each ivory you supply (up to two per piece). Just use the discount codes provided according to the number of ivories you plan to send us.

When it comes to elk ivory jewelry, Park City Jewelers remains your top-notch choice. Trust us to help you transform your hunting trophies into wearable memories.

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