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Repairs While You Wait

Welcome to the newest service offering from Park City Jewelers: "Repairs While You Wait." Understanding the value of your time and the importance of your cherished jewelry, we are excited to introduce this convenient service designed to cater to your immediate repair needs. From ring resizing to watch adjustments, our experienced team is equipped to handle a wide array of repairs, promptly and efficiently.

*Please note, due to the personalized nature of this service, we ask that you call ahead on the same day to confirm availability - (435) 649-6550

This service is not just about repairs; it's about providing you with a seamless and satisfying experience, ensuring your precious pieces are restored to their original glory while you enjoy the charm of Park City's Main Street.

Repair Services

Our comprehensive "Repairs While You Wait" service at Park City Jewelers covers a wide range of repair needs, ensuring that your jewelry remains as stunning and functional as the day you first chose it. Here's a snapshot of the services we offer:

  • Ring Sizing: Whether you need a size up or down, we adjust your rings to fit you perfectly.
  • Reset Gemstones and Diamonds: Secure your precious stones back into their settings.
  • Replace Lost Gemstones: We find and set matching stones to bring your jewelry back to life.
  • Re-tipping Prongs: Strengthening the hold on your gemstones and diamonds for lasting security.
  • Rhodium Plating (Redip): Restore the shine and brilliance of your white gold jewelry.
  • Chain Repair: Mending broken chains to make them whole again.
  • Clasp Repair: Ensuring the security and functionality of your jewelry’s clasps.
  • Watch Services: Including battery replacement and watch sizing/band adjustments for optimal comfort and performance.
  • Bracelet and Chain Sizing/Soldering: Customizing the fit to your preference.
  • Emergency Ring Removal: Safely removing rings in urgent situations.
  • Diamond and Gemstone Tightening: Making sure your stones stay firmly in place.
  • Gemstone Identification and Appraisals: Expertly identifying stones and determining their value.
  • Ring Shank Replacement: Renewing worn or damaged shanks for a fresh look.
  • Refurbish Estate Jewelry: Restoring antique and vintage pieces to their former glory.
  • Gold and Gemstone Buying: Offering competitive rates for your precious materials.
  • Gemstone Polishing: Bringing out the natural shine of your gemstones.
  • Broken Jewelry Repair: Fixing all types of jewelry to make them wearable again.
  • Estate Jewelry Valuation: Accurately assessing the worth of your heirloom pieces.
  • Pearl and Bead Stringing: Restringing to ensure durability and beauty.
  • Reantiquing: Restoring the original antique look of your jewelry.
  • Steam Clean and Polish: Revitalizing your jewelry with a thorough clean and polish.
  • Custom Remounts: Remounting old gemstones into new settings for a fresh appearance.
  • Part Replacements: Replacing worn-out parts such as catches, crowns, bezels, etc.
  • Ring Channel Rechanneling: Updating the sides of rings to hold stones securely and stylishly.

Our expert team, boasting over 150 years of combined experience, is committed to providing top-quality service for every item entrusted to us. Your beloved pieces are in skilled hands, ensuring they leave our store in impeccable condition.

Enjoy Main Street

At Park City Jewelers, our "Repairs While You Wait" service is not just about expert repairs; it's about creating an experience. While our skilled team meticulously works on your jewelry, we invite you to enjoy a delightful afternoon in the heart of Park City. Stroll along Main Street, where you can indulge in the local charm, browse quaint shops, or relax in cozy cafés.

This service is designed to ensure that your visit to us is more than just a chore—it's an opportunity to unwind and revel in the beauty of Park City. We blend the convenience of on-the-spot jewelry repair with the pleasure of a day spent in one of the most picturesque locations in the country. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor, let your jewelry repair become the perfect excuse for a delightful day out.

Emergency Ring Removal

In emergency situations requiring ring removal, Park City Jewelers provides a service that prioritizes both your comfort and the potential for preserving your ring. Our team is trained in techniques for cutting rings with precision and care.

While we strive to minimize damage, it's important to understand that we cannot guarantee the ring can always be repaired to its original state. Every ring is different, and factors like the metal type, design complexity, and the nature of the emergency can affect repairability. Our goal is to safely remove the ring while retaining as much of its integrity as possible, offering the best chance for a successful restoration.

Park City Jewelers Team in Front of the Store

Call to Ensure Availability

Ready to utilize our "Repairs While You Wait" service at Park City Jewelers? To ensure availability for your same-day repair needs, please give us a call at (435) 649-6550.

Our dedicated team is on standby to schedule your appointment and provide you with exceptional service. By calling ahead, you can secure a slot for your jewelry repair, allowing you to plan a pleasant day in Park City while we take care of your cherished pieces. Don’t hesitate to reach out; we are here to ensure your jewelry receives the expert care it deserves. Call us today and let Park City Jewelers help maintain the beauty and integrity of your jewelry.