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Meet Our Team

Meet the dedicated team behind Park City Jewelers, a collective of skilled artisans, imaginative designers, and knowledgeable professionals, all committed to bringing you the finest in jewelry craftsmanship and service. With years of experience and a shared passion for creating meaningful, lasting pieces, our team works closely to ensure that every visit, whether in-store or online, is met with the highest standards of excellence and personal care.

We invite you to explore the unique beauty and craftsmanship of our collections and experience the personalized attention that makes Park City Jewelers a treasure of its own.

Park City Jewelers Team in Front of the Store

Ownership Team

Ken Whipple - Founder, Owner, Designer, Jeweler

Ken Whipple, the visionary founder and owner of Park City Jewelers, is not just the brains behind the brand but its heart and soul as well. A recipient of the prestigious National JCK Design Award, Ken's creativity and business acumen stretch far beyond conventional boundaries. His approach to jewelry making and business is as unique and innovative as the exquisite pieces that grace his store. Ken attributes his remarkable journey and success to the lessons of honesty and integrity instilled in him by his late grandfather—a guiding light whose influence continues to shape Ken's endeavors. In every facet of Park City Jewelers, from its stunning designs to its unwavering commitment to customer service, Ken's dedication to his grandfather's legacy is evident, making the brand not just a store, but a story of familial honor and timeless values.

Cole Whipple - Owner, Designer, Jeweler

Cole, co-owner and mastermind designer at Park City Jewelers, carries the legacy of craftsmanship and innovation deep in his veins. From a young age, under the mentorship of his father, Ken, Cole cultivated a profound love and understanding for the art of jewelry making within the very walls of Park City Jewelers. With a specialization in advanced computer-aided design, Cole brings a modern edge to traditional craftsmanship, resulting in breathtaking pieces that are as innovative as they are beautiful. His yearly endeavor to design a new addition to the acclaimed Snowflake Collection speaks volumes of his commitment to creativity and excellence. This quest, fueled by an innate desire for perfection, showcases Cole's relentless pursuit of unique designs that capture the essence of both beauty and precision. Each piece Cole creates is a testament to his meticulous attention to detail and passion for surpassing the ordinary, making him not just a jeweler but a true artist in the realm of precious metals and gems.

Headshot of Cole Whipple Owner of Park City Jewelers
Shianne Whipple Owner of Park City Jewelers

Shianne Whipple - Owner, Operations Manager

Shianne, co-owner and the dynamic operations manager of Park City Jewelers, embarked on her journey into the world of jewelry at the tender age of seventeen. Her initial foray into the industry began at the Park City Silver Store, where her fascination with jewelry design and gemstones quickly blossomed. With a keen eye for the unique, unusual, and creatively designed, Shianne has since honed her expertise, becoming an Accredited Jewelry Professional while actively pursuing her GIA Certified Gemological Credentials. Beyond her deep-seated passion for the artistry of jewelry, Shianne brings a solid foundation in business, holding a bachelor's degree from Utah Valley University. This blend of artistic appreciation and business acumen makes her an invaluable asset to Park City Jewelers. As the administrator of the store's website, Shianne is the go-to person for resolving any queries or concerns, ensuring every online visit is as welcoming and enriching as stepping into the store itself. Her commitment to excellence is not just a professional stance but a personal quest, making every interaction with Park City Jewelers a memorable and satisfying experience.

Sales Team

Jennefer Diamond - Sales Associate

Since joining Park City Jewelers in 2008, Jenn has become an indispensable part of the team, starting in inventory management before quickly rising to the role of a sales associate. Her journey within the company is marked by her profound joy in selling jewelry, driven by the exhilarating moment when a customer's eyes sparkle upon finding their perfect piece. For Jenn, jewelry is much more than adornment—it's a vessel of meaning, significance, and cherished memories for those who wear it. Her dedication to customer satisfaction is unparalleled; Jenn thrives on creating memorable experiences and goes above and beyond to assist customers in selecting the perfect gifts that celebrate and strengthen their special connections. Her passion for her work and her commitment to providing exceptional service make Jenn a beloved figure among customers and colleagues alike, embodying the spirit and values that Park City Jewelers stands for.

Jennefer Diamonds Sales Associate Park City Jewelers
Headshot of Jana Bryson Park City Jewelers

Jana Bryson - Sales Associate

Jana brings a treasure trove of experience to Park City Jewelers, with over 30 years in the jewelry business covering an impressive array of roles from sales associate and sales manager to wholesale jewelry sales. Her wealth of experience is matched only by her passion for guiding clients to their ideal jewelry pieces. Jana stands out not just for her extensive knowledge but for her dedicated approach to customer satisfaction. She makes a conscientious effort to understand her clients' desires and preferences, ensuring that each purchase not only meets but exceeds their expectations. Jana's commitment to excellence and her deep understanding of the intricacies of jewelry selection make her an invaluable asset to the Park City Jewelers team, where she continues to create memorable shopping experiences for every client she assists.

Kathi Bogenschutz - Sales Associate

Kathi, a seasoned member of the Park City Jewelers sales team, boasts over 20 years of experience in the jewelry industry. Her journey includes the distinct chapter of owning a jewelry business, where she specialized in creating contemporary men's wedding bands. Kathi's profound expertise shines in the realm of bridal jewelry, making her an exceptional guide for those in search of the perfect bridal set. She finds genuine joy in witnessing the delight of customers as they discover the piece they never want to remove. Kathi's commitment to customer satisfaction and her knack for finding the perfect match for any request have made her a cherished expert and advisor. With a passion for creating unforgettable moments for every client, Kathi's extensive knowledge and warm approach make every visit to Park City Jewelers a special experience.

Kathi Bogenschutz Headshot Park City Jewelers

Bonnie Carbon - Sales Associate

Bonnie, with over 15 years in the jewelry industry and an Applied Jewelry Professional certification from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), is a cherished asset at Park City Jewelers. Known for her profound knowledge of colored gemstones and her talent as a self-taught silversmith who designs her own unique pieces, Bonnie's passion shines brightest when helping customers find or create the perfect heirloom. She believes deeply that every piece of jewelry tells a story, weaving together the narratives of memories, milestones, and emotions into timeless treasures. Bonnie's dedication to her craft and her love for customer interaction make her not just an expert in her field but a creator of legacies, one piece at a time.

Buzz McCulloch - Sales Associate

Meet Buzz, the latest addition to the Park City Jewelers team, bringing with him an impressive seven years of dedicated experience in the jewelry industry, along with a wealth of knowledge from his background in retail and real estate. Buzz finds immense fulfillment in guiding customers to discover pieces that resonate deeply with them, especially when it comes to the pivotal moments of choosing engagement rings. Living in Summit County, Buzz is an avid skier who has spent his whole life on the slopes, with Park City Mountain holding a special place as his favorite resort. Buzz's local insight and passion for both jewelry and community make him a unique and cherished member of our team.


Zachary Rawlings - Marketing Specialist

Zach, a key player at Park City Jewelers since 2020, holds a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences from Utah Valley University and has seamlessly transitioned into a marketing career, where he shines. He plays a pivotal role in helping new customers uncover the exceptional qualities of Park City Jewelers, as well as in delivering the unique shopping experience of the store to our online audience. Zach’s enthusiasm extends to exploring the vast array of gemstones available at the store, delving into the intricate details and diverse properties that each gemstone offers. His dedication to providing a rich, engaging customer experience, both digitally and in-store, alongside his fascination with the depth and variety of gemstones, underscores his vital contribution to the Park City Jewelers team.

Headshot of Zach Rawlings Park City Jewelers

Jewelers and Designers

Dave Hilton Headshot Park City Jewelers

Dave Hilton - Jeweler, Jewelry Designer

Dave is a master craftsman with 45 years of experience in repairing, crafting, and creating custom jewelry. His dedication to excellence is reflected in his commitment to delivering the absolute best finish work, a standard he confidently measures against the highest in the industry. Dave thrives on designing unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that stand out for their originality and craftsmanship. His passion for innovation is especially ignited when a design challenges him to develop new techniques to bring his visions to life. This blend of expertise, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of perfection makes Dave an invaluable asset to the team, ensuring that every piece he touches is not just jewelry, but a work of art.

Jared May - Jeweler, Jewelry Designer

Jared has been a key member of the Park City Jewelers team for 8 years, having found his passion for metalwork in a high school jewelry-making class. He revels in the hands-on process of crafting pieces from their inception to their final form. Jared is particularly fond of the cutting and inlaying techniques essential to creating many of the store's custom pieces, including the distinctive dinosaur bone collection. His enthusiasm for bringing intricate designs to life through meticulous craftsmanship highlights his dedication to the art of jewelry making.

Jared May Headshot Park City Jewelers
Waqas Amiri Headshot Park City Jewelers

Waqas Amiri - Jeweler, Jewelry Designer

Waqas brings over eight years of experience as a jeweler and designer to the team, backed by a rigorous three-year education in jewelry school and a certificate in jewelry manufacturing from City and Guilds. Specializing in the intricate art of filigree, he has a knack for creating unique pieces that reflect his passion for craftsmanship and the positive energy of gemstones. Amethyst, with its captivating hues, stands out as his favorite, inspiring many of his designs. Waqas's dedication to his craft is evident in every piece he creates, offering a blend of skill and passion to customers seeking exceptional jewelry.

A Tradition of Excellence

As you explore our "Meet the Team" page, we hope you feel the passion, dedication, and creativity that each member brings to Park City Jewelers. Our team's diverse backgrounds, skills, and stories converge to create not just exquisite jewelry but memorable experiences for every customer. Whether through the meticulous craftsmanship of our designers, the knowledgeable insights of our sales associates, or the innovative visions of our leadership, we are united in our commitment to excellence and to making your moments shine brighter. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We look forward to the opportunity to help you find or create the perfect piece that speaks to your heart, tells your story, and becomes a cherished part of your journey.