Elk Ivory Single Antler Pendant


Product Information

This pendant is simply stunning and memorable with your prized elk ivory securely bezel set. Evoke fond memories of your amazing elk hunt and treasured mountain adventures each time you wear this intriguing pendant. Each pendant is hand carved and custom created by the expert goldsmiths at Park City Jewelers to showcase to perfection your treasured elk ivory tooth. The ivory of your prize elk will be carefully and skillfully trimmed and perfectly fitted to your custom created pendant. This elk ivory single antler pendant is featured in sterling silver and 14K yellow gold.

Steps to order:

  1. Add to Cart
  2. Enter ELK100 in Coupon Code if providing your own ivory for $100 discount!
  3. Complete Order Process
  4. Ship your ivory to: PCJ 430 Main Street, Box 3532, Park City, UT 84060 (please do not ship in an envelope)
  5. You will receive your piece two weeks from when we receive your ivory!
  6. Enjoy your new hunting trophy!

 Reference Number/SKU: P-624

To hunters an elk’s ivory represents more than just a tooth, it stands for a lifetime of hunting, memories, and days spent in wild country with family and friends.

These teeth are located on the upper jaw near the front of the mouth.  Elk have no upper front teeth.  They are like goats and cows.  They just have the ivories where the canines should be.  Way in the back of their mouth they have large molars on both the top and bottom for chewing their cud.

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