Elk Antler Elk Ivory Necklace

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This unique pendant is designed and hand carved by Park City Jeweler Designers to proudly display the trophy elk ivory harvested from your prize elk. Antlers surround the elk ivory creating a daily reminder of your hard work, the wonderful hunt, and the fond memories of the time spent with family or friends while on your quest for that strong and majestic elk. Designed to showcase your elk ivory in 14K white gold, 14K rose gold, 14K yellow gold, or sterling silver. 

Please call our store in Park City, UT at 435-649-6547 if you have any questions.

Steps to order:

  1. Add to Cart.
  2. Enter ELK100 in Coupon Code if providing your own ivory for $100 discount.
  3. Complete Order Process.
  4. Ship your ivory to: PCJ 430 Main Street, Box 3532, Park City, UT 84060 (please do not ship in an envelope).
  5. You will receive your piece two weeks from when we receive your ivory.
  6. Enjoy your new hunting trophy!

To hunters an elk’s ivory represents more than just a tooth, it stands for a lifetime of hunting, memories, and days spent in wild country with family and friends.

The thrill of first catching sight of that trophy elk, the smell of a smoky campfire drifting up through the aspen, and all the stories passed down from father to son are represented in this finely crafted pendant. Whether you hunt for trophy elk or for the meat, you will be reminded of that excitement every time you glance at your elk jewelry.

Park City Jewelers is proud to share this unique and gorgeous jewelry with you and its superior quality will allow it to become a family heirloom you will be proud to share with your family. This piece can be custom made in different sizes, stones, metals, or anything you may have in mind.