Diamond & Sapphire Snowflake Pendant

SKU: MIL-1019

This limited edition snowflake is featured in 14K white gold

Limited Edition of 8--

14K White Gold with 1.25ctw Diamond and Sapphire Pendant

A diamond snowflake is a great way to remember your snow experience. Perhaps it was a wonderful ski or snowboard vacation. Maybe it was a romantic snowy evening, or making snow angels with your children. Like Mother Natures snowflakes, each one of ours is unique. The diamonds are of the highest quality and guaranteed to sparkle forever. These beautiful diamonds reflect like fire and ice, even in the dimmest lighting. They suspend off a chain that mimics and sparkles like hundreds of tiny snowflakes, adding that extra excitement certain to make her eyes light up. Our snowflakes won't melt, but her heart might!

Chain Included

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