Diamond and Sapphire Snowflake Pendant

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Precious Metal: White Gold

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Diamond and Sapphire Snowflake Pendant

Immerse yourself in winter's captivating narrative with the Diamond and Sapphire Snowflake Pendant from Park City Jewelers. This piece, exceptionally rare and one of a mere eight crafted, is a melodic interplay of design, craftsmanship, and nature's inspiration.

Meticulously hand-forged in luminous 14K white gold, this pendant embodies the ephemeral splendor of a snowflake as it drifts from a winter sky. A constellation of diamonds gleams brilliantly, echoing the radiant sparkle of sunlight bouncing off a fresh snow blanket. Interspersed with these diamonds are deep blue sapphires, their hues reminiscent of the tranquil depth of winter evenings, adding layers of mystique and allure.

However, this pendant isn't just an adornment; it's an ode to winter's grandeur, a tale of crisp mornings, silent nights, and nature's intricate artistry. Every facet and gemstone has been purposefully placed, reflecting Park City Jewelers' unwavering commitment to excellence, nurtured over a legacy spanning three decades.

Whether you're basking in summer's warmth or wrapped in winter's embrace, this pendant will serve as a bridge to the enchantment of snow-laden landscapes. While it represents the snowflake that defies time, its beauty and elegance are destined to captivate and thaw the coldest of hearts.

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SKU: MIL-1019