Turquoise and Gold Crazy Horse Necklace

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Precious Metal: Sterling Silver

Chain: No Chain


14K Yellow Gold Turquoise "Crazy Horse" Necklace

Delve deep into the heart of equine elegance with this meticulously crafted 14K Yellow Gold Turquoise "Crazy Horse" Necklace from Park City Jewelers. This piece, seamlessly blending the raw beauty of turquoise with the lustrous allure of 14K yellow gold, stands as a testament to the wild and untamed spirit of the horse.

The turquoise cabochon, with its unique metallic pyrite veins, narrates tales of vast landscapes and open skies, reminiscent of horseback rides under the vast canopy of the heavens. Surrounded by a luminous gold bezel, this pendant evokes the freedom and passion that the equestrian spirit embodies.

A symbol of adventure, freedom, and the deep bond between humankind and nature, this necklace is not merely an accessory, but a story waiting to be worn and shared. Whether for the equestrian enthusiast, the lover of handcrafted luxury, or the admirer of historical tales, this piece promises to be a cherished addition to any collection.

Trusted by many for over 30 years, Park City Jewelers offers you not just jewelry but a legacy, an art piece, and a promise of quality and dedication.

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