Equine jewelry is a timeless way to show your admiration or passion for horses. Being near horses is calming and empowering and has therapeutic effects, and horse jewelry is a meaningful way to keep a little bit of their presence with you. This article delves into horses and equine-inspired jewelry, including Park City Jewelers' line of custom horse jewelry.


Horses are an essential part of human history and have helped us to travel long distances, tame the land, and fight in countless wars. Their vital role and sheer beauty have made them important figures in many cultures' art, folklore, and mythology. 

An example is Native American cultures, referred to as “people of the horse.” They didn’t see horses as possessions but the other way around. People belonged to the horse and were indebted to them for all they did to help their communities. Their bond with these animals was deep and spiritual. 

Many people today share this spiritual connection with horses, and they have come to symbolize virility, speed, power, dependability, hard work, friendship, bravery, courage, and freedom. 


Our connection to horses has been thousands of years in the making. It is estimated that dogs were domesticated about 14,000 years ago, while horses about 6,000 years ago. Similar to dogs, horses are pack animals that live in hierarchies. Usually, one stallion protects the herd and fathers the foals, while one old, experienced mare leads the herd. 

Our ability to connect with horses is due to their social nature. Horses thrive in groups, need relationships to feel happy, and suffer from loneliness. Their high-level social skills enable them to read human emotions and facial expressions,  and they communicate emotions through eyes, ears, snorts, and whinnies. 

Horses have a powerful effect on us and often help people recover from trauma or disabilities. These include emotional traumas such as abuse, drug abuse, and behavior issues in children and teenagers. They also can help with physical maladies such as traumatic brain injury, amputations, muscular dystrophy, and cerebral palsy.

Horse Jewelry

Our horse and equestrian line of jewelry and charms features unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else. Our jewelry designers have painstakingly crafted each piece to be as stunning as the animals they represent. These works of art are featured in sterling silver and gold, and many offer a gorgeous two-toned white and yellow gold or white and rose gold look. 

Park City Jewelers also specializes in custom jewelry, and our team of talented jewelry artisans will gladly help you to create a piece to commemorate your love for horses.


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