Watermelon Tourmaline Slice and Diamond Accented Pendant

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14K Yellow Gold 1.41ctw Watermelon Tourmaline & .07ctw Diamond Pendant

Let the refreshing hues of summer wash over you with Park City Jewelers' captivating Watermelon Tourmaline Slice and Diamond Accented Pendant. A vivid tapestry of colors, from cool greens to rich pinks, this pendant tells a story of natural splendor and masterful craftsmanship.

Central to its design is a beautifully raw 1.41ctw watermelon tourmaline slice, its organic form and gradient colors reminiscent of the fruit from which it gets its name. The slice, with its delicate bands of green and pink, is a tribute to nature's palette and the incredible wonders it hides beneath the earth's surface.

Enhancing the pendant's beauty, three strategically placed diamonds lend their sparkle to the piece. These .07ctw diamonds, set in gleaming 14K yellow gold, punctuate the top left, top right, and bottom of the slice, resembling celestial bodies surrounding a vivid planet.

A pendant that serves as a constant reminder of the enchantment nature holds, it's more than just a piece of jewelry. It's an emotion, a feeling of summer, of fresh-cut watermelon slices on hot days, of the magic hidden just beneath the surface.

At Park City Jewelers, we blend the art of jewelry-making with the wonders of nature, and this pendant epitomizes that union. Adorn yourself with a slice of summer, a piece of nature, and a dash of luxury.

Product Details

Pendant / Setting Information

Gemstone Details
Accent Stones

Style #: 230-05845

Type: Watermelon Tourmaline

Type: Diamond

Metal Type: 14K Yellow Gold

Shape: Slice

Shape: Round

Number: 1

Number: 3

Carat Weight: 1.41ctw Carat Weight: .07ctw

Product Measurements

Length (A): 21.25mm 

Width (B): 12.2mm 

Depth (C): 2.8mm

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