Snowman Mommy with Baby

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Precious Metal: White Gold

Chain: No Chain

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14K Gold Snowman Mommy with Baby

Nestled in the snowy landscapes of Park City is a tale of love, rendered timeless through the artistry of our craftsmen. Introducing the 14K Gold Snowman Mother & Child Pendant, a luminescent celebration of the deepest bond known to mankind.

Handpicked pearls, radiant in their natural luster, are meticulously shaped to form a tender scene of a snowman mother cradling her cherished child. The gleam of your choice of white, yellow, or rose gold enhances the pearls, casting a glow reminiscent of the first rays of dawn on fresh Park City snow. The intricately designed diaper bag adds a touch of whimsy and realism, embodying the countless joys and challenges of motherhood.

This pendant isn't just jewelry; it's a keepsake. A memory. A reminder of endless cuddles, lullabies, and the warmth of a mother's embrace. Whether you're celebrating your journey as a mother or honoring the one who gave you life, this pendant from Park City Jewelers is a testament to love that never melts away.