Raw Green Tourmaline Crystal Ring

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Precious Metal: Yellow Gold

Size: 5


14K Yellow Gold Raw Green Tourmaline Crystal Ring

Dare to be different with Park City Jewelers' Raw Green Tourmaline Crystal Ring - a reflection of both nature's raw charisma and human craftsmanship. This piece doesn't just rest on your finger; it claims it with the audacity and vivacity of the untamed.

Each facet of the raw green tourmaline exudes an untamed allure, reminiscent of deep forests and mysterious jungles. Its rough, organic texture is a symbol of endurance, showcasing nature's perfection in its imperfections. This stone doesn't sparkle in the traditional sense; it radiates, it emanates, it pulses with life.

Contrasting the wild demeanor of the tourmaline is the polished sophistication of the 14K yellow gold band. The gold cradles the tourmaline with a gentle embrace, allowing the stone to be the star while providing a warm, luminous backdrop. This juxtaposition of raw nature and refined gold makes the ring an avant-garde masterpiece.

Wearing this ring isn't just about making a fashion statement; it's about harnessing the power and resilience the tourmaline symbolizes. It's about being one with nature while standing out in a crowd. Every time you glance down at this ring, you'll be reminded of your own strength and unique beauty.

With over 30 years in the business, Park City Jewelers is renowned for its craftsmanship and unique designs, and this ring is no exception. Slide this piece onto your finger and wear your strength, courage, and unique style with pride.

Product Details

Ring Information

Center Gemstone

Style #: JL-117

Type: Tourmaline

Metal Type: 14K Yellow Gold

Shape: Crystal

Number: 1

Carat Weight:


Product Measurements

Widest Width (A): 7.5mm

Thickness (B): 9.0mm

Band Width (C): 3.3mm


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