Indicolite Blue Green Tourmaline & Diamond Ring

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Precious Metal: White Gold

Size: 5.5

SKU GBC 24526030

18K White Gold .17ctw Diamond & 1.33ctw Indicolite Tourmaline Ring

Dive into the depths of elegance with our Indicolite Blue Green Tourmaline & Diamond Ring, a true marvel of artistry and craftsmanship. Cast in sophisticated 18K white gold, this ring is the embodiment of luxury and timeless charm.

At the heart of this exquisite ring lies a 1.33ctw Indicolite Tourmaline, exhibiting the deepest hues of blue-green. Its fancy cut not only captures but also amplifies the stone's inherent beauty, making it a mesmerizing centerpiece. Reflecting its brilliance, 14 twinkling diamonds line the setting, each stone meticulously chosen and set to create a halo of shimmering light.

The beauty of the Indicolite tourmaline, with its serene blue-green hue, evokes memories of tranquil oceans and tropical getaways. Paired with the sparkle of diamonds, it makes a statement of luxury that's undeniable.

For those who cherish unique beauty, this ring stands as a testament to refined taste. Each facet and detail speaks of our commitment to excellence, delivering a piece that's not only visually enchanting but also rich in quality and craftsmanship.

Wear it to elevate your everyday elegance or to mark special occasions; either way, it promises to be a conversation starter. Entrust your moments of splendor to this dazzling Indicolite Blue Green Tourmaline & Diamond Ring, a symbol of luxury, allure, and timeless beauty.

Product Details

Ring Information

Center Gemstone

Accent Stones

Style #: GBC 24526030

Type: Tourmaline

Type: Diamond

Metal Type: 18K White Gold

Shape: Fancy Cut

Shape: Round

Number: 1 

Number: 14

Carat Weight: 1.33ctw

Carat Weight: .17ctw


Product Measurements

Widest Width (A): 10.25mm 

Thickness (B): 5.2mm 

Band Width (C): 1.95mm


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