Elk Ivory Tooth Trophy Antler Ring

Fine detail and bold craftsmanship are beautifully displayed in this elk ivory ring which is hand carved and custom designed for you by Park City Jewelers. Your elk's tooth will be perfectly and carefully fitted and securely set amid elk antlers with your choice of all 14K yellow, 14K white gold with 14K yellow gold antlers, or sterling silver. This elk's tooth trophy ring is created for your magnificent trophy elk's tooth as a remembrance of your exciting elk hunts and the many stories of your experiences as you glance at this amazing ring.

SKU: M-1232

Steps to order:

  1. Add to Cart.
  2. Enter ELK100 in Coupon Code if providing your own ivory for $100 discount.
  3. Complete Order Process.
  4. Ship your ivory to:                                                                                        PCJ 430 Main Street Box 3532, Park City, UT 84060 (please do not mail in an envelope).
  5. You will receive your piece two weeks from when we receive your ivory.
  6. Enjoy your new hunting trophy and telling everyone your story! 

You thought that tracking and hunting your elk was going to be the hard part, but now here you are with an elk ivory tooth in your hand and wondering what on earth to with this thing.

The antlers are stacked in the garage or mounted on the wall, but you want something you can take with you. Something that will take you back to the smell of a pine tree, the silence of the mountains, the freedom of doing something you love, or knocking that something off of your bucket list.

This elk ivory ring is the perfect way to take that memory with you! Plus it looks great, and is a great ice breaker in new situations. It's the perfect excuse to tell your hunting story over and over again. (You know you have one you love to tell.)

This elk ivory tooth trophy antler ring is featured in sterling silver with 14K yellow gold accents, and it is also available in all yellow gold or white gold with yellow gold elk accents.