Dinosaur Bone Inlay Santa Fe Style Ring

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Precious Metal: White Gold

Size: 8

SKU M-1269W-8

Experience the enthralling blend of ancient history and modern craftsmanship with our $2895 Dinosaur Bone Inlay Santa Fe Style Ring, available in 14K yellow gold and also in 14K white gold or 14K rose gold. Every ring is individually designed and handcrafted by our exceptional artisans at Park City Jewelers, drawing upon 30 years of experience that has made us a household name in fine jewelry.

The strikingly rugged slice of rare dinosaur bone is the star of this bold design, showcased with absolute finesse against the angular backdrop of gold. Each bone piece is expertly carved, trimmed, and polished to flawlessly follow the curvatures of the ring, adding a hint of ancient allure to this modern masterpiece. Enhancing the ring's mesmerizing charm are three channel-set diamonds that infuse a spark of brilliance into this captivating piece.

A stunning testament to the millions of years that have passed, the dinosaur bone embedded in this ring is agatized, a rare form of fossilization where the original bone has been replaced with silica-based compounds such as agate, jasper, chalcedony, or opal. Not only does this process transform the bone into a gem, but it also preserves the cell structure, enabling us to admire the beautiful and unique colors that are determined by the variety of minerals present during fossilization.

The Dinosaur Bone Inlay Santa Fe Style Ring tells a story that spans eons. A piece of jewelry that celebrates the past in the present, made by the skilled hands of our artists who are as passionate about their craft as they are about delivering customer satisfaction. It comes with free 2-day shipping and a lifetime warranty, underscoring our confidence in the longevity of our pieces. Dare to defy time with this extraordinary ring, as the dinosaur bone color may vary, making each piece as unique as its wearer.