Dinosaur Bone and Onyx Strike Ring

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Precious Metal: Sterling Silver

Size: 7

SKU M-1160S-DO-7

Sterling Silver Dinosaur Bone & Onyx Strike Inlay Ring

Take a bold step into the past with Park City Jewelers' Sterling Silver Dinosaur Bone & Onyx Strike Inlay Ring. With a unique blend of ancient history and contemporary design, this handcrafted piece holds a fascination that transcends time.

Priced at $310 for sterling silver and $2195 for gold, this ruggedly handsome band centers around a striking piece of gem-quality dinosaur bone. Each slice of gembone is carefully selected from the iconic Morrison Formation, meticulously polished, and framed in sterling silver or gold, encapsulating a tangible piece of the majestic Jurassic era.

Accentuating the vibrant tones of the dinosaur bone is a dramatic inlay of sleek onyx, creating an exquisite contrast. The combination of terrestrial gembone and ethereal onyx forms an appealing juxtaposition between Earth's vibrant past and the enigmatic charm of precious gemstones.

Park City Jewelers, voted the best in Park City for ten consecutive years and backed by nearly 400 five-star reviews, offers you this captivating piece with free 2-day shipping and a lifetime warranty. This affirmation of our commitment to customer satisfaction underlines the faith we have in our handcrafted pieces.

The Sterling Silver Dinosaur Bone & Onyx Strike Inlay Ring is more than a jewel; it's a timeless fusion of history, craftsmanship, and style. Embrace this unique blend and let every day be a celebration of your distinctive taste.

Dinosaur Bone FAQ

Product Details

Ring Information

Center Gemstone

Accent Stones

Style #: M-1160W/O

Type: Dinsoaur Bone

Type: Onyx

Metal Type: Available in Sterling Silver, 14K White, Yellow or Rose Gold

Shape: Inlay

Shape: Inlay

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Number: 1 

Number: 1

Carat Weight: N/A

Carat Weight: N/A


Product Measurements

Widest Width (A): 9.5mm

Thickness (B): 3.85mm

Band Width (C): 5.7mm


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More Details:

Agatized dinosaur bone is a rare form of fossilized dinosaur bone where the original fossilized bone has been replaced with silica-based compounds such as agate, jasper, chalcedony, or opal. Utah and Colorado provide the perfect environment to begin the replacement of the calcite in the original fossils with silicates. The most prominent layers of gem bone come from the Morrison Formation. The agatized bone was created over 100,000,000 years after the dinosaur died and was buried.

The building block of agatized bone (silica oxide) is the same material that is used in the creation of quartz and glass. As is true with most fossils, the original structural detail of the bone is preserved allowing us to see the cell structure.  The varied and unique colors of dinosaur bone are caused by the other minerals that enter the bone in combination with the silica. The intensity of the color depends on the quantity each mineral that is present.