Devil and Angel Pearl Snowman Earrings

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Precious Metal: White and Rose Gold

SKU 390-2000023

14K Gold Devil and Angel Pearl Snowman Earrings

Dive deep into the enchanting world of frosty moralities with Park City Jewelers' Devil and Angel Pearl Snowman Earrings. These captivating mismatched earrings aren't just jewelry; they're a tale of two worlds, of mischief and grace, artfully crafted to adorn your ears.

On one side, a devilish snowman, sculpted with hand-selected pearls, flaunts wickedly cute horns and a three-pronged staff, symbolizing the playful mischiefs that life often tempts us with. On the other side, an angelic snowman radiates purity, donning a delicate halo and ethereal angel wings, reminding us of the grace that lies within.

Every detail, from the lustrous pearls to the 14K gold elements, is meticulously handcrafted, reflecting 30 years of Park City Jewelers' unmatched craftsmanship. Choose from white, yellow, or rose gold, allowing these frosty beings to shimmer in the hue that resonates best with your soul.

Whether you're feeling a tad naughty or impeccably nice, these earrings are a perfect testament to life's contrasting moments, making every day a magical winter story.

SKU: 390-2000023