Amethyst 4 Side Davinci Cut Pendant

14K Yellow Gold with .01ctw Diamond 6.5mm Amethyst Davinci Pendant

SKU: 230-2000926


Amethyst is purple quartz which has long been considered a royal color. Amethyst was featured in the British Crown Jewels and was a favorite of Catherine the Great and Egyptian Royalty. Brazil and Zambia are the two primary sources of Amethyst. Hollow geodes and volcanic tubes are the most common places for amethyst to form.

Amethyst is considered the traditional birthstone for the month of February and is available in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. The affordability and wide color range of amethyst, from light to dark purple, make it an ideal choice for jewelry designers.

Mohs hardness scale ranks amethyst as a 7 making it relatively hard and great for making jewelry. When cleaning amethyst it is safe to use soapy water, alcohol, or commercial solvents. Ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaners are also safe to use.

Chain Not Included

"Be a mirror. Absorb everything around you and still remain the same" was the inspiration for this new cut of gemstone. The designers at Galatea USA turned the concept of cutting a stone on its head, literally, they worked for two years with an optical engineer to create the Davinci cut, which features a flattened culet and a crown cut to allow light to pass through the gem rather than reflect off of it. The individual pieces are set with small rubies and emeralds beneath it to explode in brilliant bursts of color and light as the jewelry is moved from side to side. These unique pieces are something you will need to see to believe.

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