Our Philosophy At Park City Jewelers



When I was a young man, my grandpa said to me, "If you're going to do it, do it right the first time."

That way, you don't have to apologize later or do it over. 

We found a really weird secret here: If you take care of your customers, they come back. (We keep hoping the cell phone companies will discover this secret!) ;)

We make our shanks thicker and our gemstones are higher quality. 

We're picky. We'll go through hundreds of dealers to find ones that have nice gemstones. And then we go through thousands of stones to find ONE that we like.

High quality diamonds and gemstones don't break as easily as the "mall quality" diamonds. Our diamonds will last forever because there are no cracks or flaws in them. 

Other huge businesses have to buy an entire "lot" of gemstones. When you buy a "lot", you'll buy a paper that has around a hundred stones in it. There will be maybe 2 or 3 nice gemstones, and the rest will be garbage. We only buy the 2 or 3 really nice ones. All the other companies have to buy the whole lot. And... they have to sell them all, too.

You'll notice when you come in that all of our jewelers wear headloops. If gems look great in our magnification headloops, they will look flawless to our customers.

Ken & Cole Whipple Accepting Award for Park City's Best Jewelry Store

We pay attention to the details. For example, when we sell earrings, unlike other jewelers, we put high quality backs on them so they won't get lost as easily. There are certain types of chains that break easily and we won't even carry them. If gemstones are treated, we tell you they are treated, and our in-store gemologists check every stone. We don't try to hide it. We protect our customers. 

And by the way, our jewelers have a whopping combined total of 137 years of experience!

Unlike other jewelers, we own our brick and mortar building on Main Street in Park City. We don't have to pay "percentage rents" like other jewelry stores. This helps us keep our costs low, and we pass the savings along to you. And, the 29 year old co-owner of the business loves it! We'll be around for a long, long time. 

THAT is why our jewelry looks so nice, and why we can offer a free lifetime warranty on workmanship. See the warranty details HERE!