Moissanite Frequently Asked Questions

What is Moissanite? 

Moissanite is a naturally occurring stone so rare that in the 90's researchers finally found a way to synthesize it! Moissanite jewelry available for purchase is lab created and more brilliant than natural diamonds!


Is Moissanite a diamond?

A Moissanite is not a diamond it is its own jewel with its own set of characteristics. 


Is Moissanite a brand?

Moissanite is not a brand it is a lab created stone that has a similar look to a diamond but has its own set of chemical and optical properties. 


Is Moissanite as hard as a diamond?

No, but it is an extremely hard stone second only to a diamond! It's durability is rated as excellent which means it will hold up to daily wear and tear. 


Will a Moissanite fade or cloud?

No, a moissanite will not fade or cloud like a cubic zirconia or other diamond substitutes. 


Can Moissanite have inclusions?

Yes, moissasnite can have small needle like inclusions but they are typically not visible to the naked eye and don't affect clarity.