This beautiful and loving mother of sixteen-year-old quadruplets, Michelle is currently teaching all four of her wonderful children to drive, brave lady. The quads consist of three boys, two being identical twins, and one girl. Michelle has been married to her talented, understanding and patient husband, Jeff, for nearly thirty years.
Originally Michelle was employed at the Park City Jewelers Silver-Mine, which has since merged with our Park City Jewelers location. Loving and serving people in the retail industry for seventeen years has been very rewarding for her. For three years prior to entering the jewelry industry, Michelle excelled as a veterinarian technician, managing a pet adoption program. She loves to meet, work with, and help her clients design the perfect jewelry item. Michelle is very conscientious and concerned with fulfilling the needs of her clients, and she works endlessly to ensure their satisfaction.
Spending time with her family is of the utmost importance to Michelle. Together they enjoy traveling the United States and other enchanting countries around the world. Camping, traveling, laughing, and just having fun with her family are the things that Michelle most enjoys in her life.

Michelle Keller