Larissa Unique Limoges Miniature Painted Enamels

I'd like to introduce you to artist/jeweler Larissa Podgoretz. We proudly carry some of her fascinating, unique jewelry at Park City Jewelers. 


I first ran across her work when she was invited by the Gemological Institute of America to do a display at their national headquarters.

Larissa was born in the USSR, and learned an incredible technique called limoge enamaling.

Here's how enamaling works:

  • She takes different exotic colored glasses and grinds them up to the finest powder she can get. The metallic colors in the pieces are actually metals that are mixed in.
  • She gets a pure copper plate bends to shape of what it's going to be. 
  • Next, she gets it wet and then puts a thin layer of enameling over the top of it.
  • Then she bakes it in a kiln. It has to be baked to within 2-3 degrees to get it to where it melts just perfectly. 
  • Once that's done and it's all cooled off, she'll get her paintbrush wet with the different colors of glass and she paints on it. 
  • Once that dries, she'll fire it, wait until it dries and do another coat. 
  • And then another coat.
  • And then another coat.
  • And then another coat.
  • And so on. Times 40.

Each piece will have an astonishing 25-40 layers built up. Can you imagine the intricate artistry and skill needed to create even one of these pieces? 

Larissa designs all of her pieces. She's really into botany, so a lot of her pieces have leaves and nature incorporated into the design.

She does all the metalsmithing, all the enamel. Everything. She's incredibly talented.

Larissa has won dozens (if not hundreds) of awards. In the jewelry world, she is really famous. 

She's retired and this is the last of her amazing collection. Don't miss out on this incredible jewelry.

Ken Whipple
Owner, Park City Jewelers