Cole spent much of his youth alongside his father, Ken, in the Park City Jewelers store learning to love and create fantastic and unique pieces of jewelry. With his father by his side, Cole would hike mountain trails collecting so many rocks that he would have to tighten his belt to keep his pants up. This expanded his knowledge of the earth's mineral treasures and created a love for the natural elements hidden deep within the earth.
Cole has been married to his beautiful and talented wife, Shianne, for eight years. Together they have three young and fun children. Living in the Park City area for their entire lives has instilled in their family a vast love for Park City, its residents, and the beautiful surrounding mountains and wildlife. In his spare time, Cole enjoys skiing, hiking, snowmobiling, snowboarding, hunting, and biking. His most enjoyable and treasured memories have been created with his family!
Cole has developed many talents through his love for the beauty of the earth. He specializes in the inlay process of trimming, shaping, and contouring dinosaur bone and various earthly minerals to be set in breathtaking and unique jewelry pieces. Cole has an incredible amount of experience in the advanced computer-aided design system! Designing and creating a new and intriguing snowflake to add to the Park City Jewelers' Snowflake Collection is a quest that Cole undertakes each year with great success. Cole has an innate desire for perfection which is very evident in each of his creations.

Cole Whipple