Back on the Fairway: Discover New Treasures in Our Golf Jewelry Collection

Reflect on your passion for golf with a piece from Park City Jewelers' exclusive Golf Jewelry Collection. Whether you're reminiscing about your first hole-in-one, a sunny day on the greens, or the camaraderie among friends at the 19th hole, our unique designs capture the essence of the game you love. Crafted with the golfer in mind, each piece serves as a testament to memorable moments on the course and the timeless allure of golf.

Discover the Latest Additions: Elevate Your Golf Style

Since your last visit, we've expanded our Golf Jewelry Collection with even more captivating pieces. Our latest additions include intricately designed golf ball charms, sleek club-inspired pendants, and elegant fairway bracelets, all available in sterling silver or 14K gold.

These new creations are designed to seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle, offering a sophisticated nod to your passion for golf. Each piece embodies the precision, beauty, and spirit of the game, making them perfect accessories for the clubhouse or a night out.

Golf Ball on a Tee with Golf Club Bracelet by Park City Jewelers


Seize the Moment: Complete Your Collection

As you continue to celebrate your love for golf, why not enhance your style with our newest golf-inspired jewelry? These latest additions are more than just accessories; they're a celebration of your passion, precision, and the joy of the game. Visit us now to discover these exquisite pieces and find the perfect symbol of your golf journey.

Embrace the opportunity to make another cherished addition to your collection, and let your love for golf shine through every detail.

Golf Pendant by Park City Jewelers Hanging from a Golf Cart