Amethyst Home Decor

One of the things that make Park City Jewelers the coolest jewelry store you’ll ever visit is our unique collection of rocks and minerals. In fact, store owner Ken Whipple’s interest in jewelry began as a fascination with rocks, minerals, and fossils. 

This passion continues to this day and is easy to see when you visit the store. Massive 9-foot amethyst geodes are the first thing people notice when they walk into the store, and various other rocks, minerals, and fossilized specimens can be found scattered throughout the store. 

Each year, Ken travels to meet with our vendors where he personally hand-selects the very best amethyst specimens directly from the source. This way we are able to acquire the most beautiful amethyst geodes at a significantly lower price, which is often 3-5 times less than other vendors. This quality and saving we are able to pass on to our customers.

Read on to learn more about some the the amazing amethyst geodes specimens we have for sale in our store.

Giant Amethyst Cathedral Geodes

Our huge amethyst geodes come directly from Brazil, and a pair can weigh over 1,000 pounds. These specimens are breath-taking in size and beauty and will make a stunning addition to a home’s décor.

Amethyst Butterflies

Amethyst “butterfly” specimens feature two book-matched amethyst specimens mounted on a steel frame to enhance their appearance. They range in size from small to quite large and are often some of the most beautiful amethyst specimens you’ll see.

Amethyst Slices

These stunning slices come in many different sizes, from the size of a small plate to larger specimens over four feet high. Larger slices feature a custom fabricated stainless steel frame designed to securely display the beauty of the piece.

Amethyst Mirrors and Miner Geodes

If you’re looking for a piece that’s particularly unique, we carry some fascinating and rare amethyst pieces. Amethyst and citrine slices with a mirror attached to the back make a gorgeous and useful piece of wall art. Or, these geodes with captivating miner scenes are truly one-of-kind.

Metaphysical Properties and Color Energy

Amethyst is known to encourage groundedness, tranquility, and calm to its surroundings. The stone is thought to absorb the negative energies that surround it making it easier to connect to higher levels of thinking and spirituality.

Culturally, purple is the color of royalty and sophistication and is a symbol of status and wealth. In color energy, purple inspires passion, imagination, creativity, and peace.

These positive qualities make amethyst an excellent addition to your space.

Shop Our Amethyst Geodes

Our amethyst geodes are very popular, and it’s not uncommon for them to be sold before they hit the showroom floor. The best way to shop is to either visit the store or chat with a member of our team of experts by hitting the chat icon on the bottom right of this page. They have decades of experience and can help you find the perfect piece, even if we don’t currently have it in stock. Reach our today!

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Because of the potential difficulty in shipping and insuring these large amethyst pieces, they are not eligible for free two-day shipping. Shipping will be calculated on a case-by-case basis. If buying locally we will likely personally deliver your order.