Mixed Blue Gemstone Hand Carved Nature Inspired Ring

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Precious Metal: Sterling Silver

Size: 8.5

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Sterling Silver Mixed Blue Gemstone Hand Carved Nature Inspired Ring

Indulge in a piece of enchanting forest magic with this hand-carved, nature-inspired ring. The artistry embedded in the sterling silver setting is reminiscent of delicate frost patterns on a winter's morning, providing a perfect stage for the dance of blue gemstones nestled within. Each gem reflects the myriad hues of twilight skies, deep waters, and the tender bloom of winter flora, unified in a serene ballet of color and form.

With every twist and turn, the ring reveals intricate carvings reminiscent of nature’s finest details. Its design invites one to delve into the mysteries and quiet beauty of a woodland realm, maybe even catch a glimpse of a fairy's wing amidst the leaves.

At a price of $479, this ring is more than a piece of jewelry; it's a bridge to the tranquil, and sometimes whimsical, heart of nature. Every glance at its blue gemstones rekindles a gentle reminder of the world's simple, yet profound elegance. This ring is an invitation to carry a piece of magic with you, as a companion to your daily adventures or a talisman in life's special moments.

Product Details

Ring Information

Center Gemstone

Style #: HandFab

Type: Mixed

Metal Type: Sterling Silver

Shape: Round


Carat Weight:


Product Measurements

Widest Width (A): 9.7mm

Thickness (B): 3.0mm

Band Width (C): 9.7mm


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