Zircon is one of the oldest minerals on earth and is known for its amazing brilliance and fire that is comparable only to diamond. In fact, colorless zircon gemstones were mistaken as diamonds for centuries. Zircon is one of our favorite gemstones at Park City Jewelers and we carry a wider selection than almost any other jeweler. Continue reading to find out what makes this gorgeous gemstone a store favorite.

Woman wearing diamond halo blue zircon earrings


The oldest mineral discovered on earth is a piece of zircon dating back to 4.4 billion years ago. Zircon comes in an array of colors including yellow, green, red, brown, and blue, with blue being the most popular. Zircon has a very high luster, dispersion, and reflective indices which give it its intense brilliance and fiery rainbow flashes.

The intense fire and brilliance exhibited by zircon can only be compared to the fire and brilliance of a diamond. In fact, colorless zircon gemstones were mistaken for diamonds for centuries. This led to zircon, like cubic zirconia, being used as a less expensive diamond alternative and the two being mistaken for each other. Unlike cubic zirconia, zircon is a naturally occurring gemstone.

Metaphysical Properties

The most popular color of zircon used in fine jewelry is blue. Blue carries soothing energy of peace, calmness, and beauty. Blue has a calming effect on the wearer and is known to ease tired nerves and alleviate stress.

Over the centuries zircon has come to be known as a meditation aid. Its calming effect is thought to clear negative energy allowing the meditator to be more grounded and open. Zircon is also known to attract wisdom, honor, wealth, and success.

Blue zircon ring
Woman wearing blue zircon ring and necklace

Zircon Jewelry

Zircon measures a 7.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale which to be for daily wear in all settings. It should be noted that zircon is prone to cracking and chipping if it is subject to hard impacts.

The most valuable zircon gemstones are blue, bright red, and green in color. Zircon gemstones are usually “eye-clean” meaning they have no inclusions visible with the naked eye.

To maximize the fire and brilliance of zircon gemstones, zircon is most often cut into round and oval shapes.


Zircon is one of the most gorgeous gemstones used in fine jewelry. Its brilliance and luster are second only to diamonds. Park City Jewelers has a stunning collection of zircon, and one of the largest and most beautiful collections of blue zircon you’ll find. Shop our stunning collection online or in-store today!