One of the best things about owning a jewelry store is that I get to be part of your most meaningful, happy occasions. 

I absolutely love helping a young man pick out an engagement ring for his bride. 

And then years later, it means so much to me to help a salt-of-the-earth older gentleman pick out a 50th anniversary gift to show his beloved wife how much she means to him.

There’s so many happy times, like helping a new mom pick out her husband’s first Father’s Day gift. Or helping people celebrate just being in beautiful Park City with one of our signature diamond snowflakes.

There’s been some sad times, too. Just last week a woman came in who had lost her son about the same time I lost mine. She was telling me a story about dragonflies, and how they come around whenever she is thinking about her son. I gave her a dragonfly pendant so she could always have her son with her. (It’s not always about the money.) We both shed some tears that day.

Whatever your special occasion has been, we appreciate being part of it.

Ken Whipple, Owner
Park City Jewelers


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