We Caught Cole In The Act Of Making His Dad’s Birthday Present!

Caught in the act!

I caught Cole Whipple with a very interesting hunk of dinosaur bone in his hands. I asked what he was doing, and he said he was making a knife to surprise his dad for his birthday. (And asked me not to post the photos until AFTER his dad got the knife. Haha!)

And then later... look where that gorgeous piece of dinosaur bone ended up!

PCJ Owner Ken posted this on Facebook:

“Early birthday present from my son Cole Whipple! He handmade this knife for me with petrified Dinosaur Bone, diamond and blue sapphire, which is my birthstone, and then on the one side he put a sterling silver copy of my son Cody Lee Whipple’s fingerprint with a little diamond in it. Such an awesome, awesome gift! Thank you so, so much. I love you, Cole Whipple.”

I think that means he likes it. ;)





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