Top 10 Reasons To Shop At Park City Jewelers

December 01, 2017

10. You'll have a unique experience from the minute you walk in the door. (Have you seen our 9' tall amethyst geodes?!)

9. We've been a small business for over 30 years. We are locals who love Park City and want the best for our community.

8. You'll experience our famous PCJ hospitality. We'll have freshly baked gingersnaps and a nice cold drink waiting for you. The recipe is from Ken's Grandma Peacock and everybody loves her cookies!

7. Park City is gorgeous any time of year. It shines like a diamond. Come up and enjoy the beautiful surroundings with the fun, party atmosphere on Main Street.

6. We have a knowledgeable sales team. They know their gemstones. They love jewelry and it's shows. Their enthusiasm is contagious!

5. We have a wide selection of products. We have something for all price ranges, tastes and styles. Diamonds, sapphires, red emeralds, morganite, and more, plus a wild (that's right - WILD) selection of "jewelry for your home".

4. You won't be able to beat our quality and craftsmanship. Our jewelers are true artisans. They do everything from old-fashioned hand-carving to 3D "growing" machines where they actually "grow" jewelry. It's a pleasure to watch them at work. 

3. We have a free, no strings, lifetime warranty on workmanship. This is a really big deal. Other stores may say they have a lifetime warranty, but you have to take your jewelry in at regular intervals for an inspection. If you miss an inspection, the warranty is void. Not us. Bring in a piece 12 years later and we'll fix it if it's our fault. 

2. Let's be real. Parking deserves HUGE consideration. We have very convenient parking in the China Bridge parking structure just behind the store.

1. We have great products, unique designs, and heirloom-quality jewelry that your loved ones will enjoy for generations from the store voted Park City's Best 5 years in a row. 

Come see us at 430 Main Street in Park City, UT, or shop online at 435-649-6547.

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