Park City Jeweler’s signature line of custom snowflake jewelry captures the beauty and majesty of individual flakes of snow in breathtaking designs. Our team of jewelry artisans painstakingly handcrafts each piece at our main street location to be the highest quality meant to last lifetimes. 

But beauty is only part of the story, as snowflakes are rich with symbolic meaning. This combination of beauty and symbolism makes snowflake jewelry the perfect gift that will be remembered and cherished always. Read on to learn about the ultimate symbol of uniqueness; the snowflake.

The Miracle of Snowflake Formation

Snowflakes form around specks of dust or pollen in the sky. Water vapor coats the speck and then freezes, forming a tiny crystal of ice. This small crystal is the seed from which a snowflake will grow.

As the crystal falls to earth, the snowflake begins to grow. A systematic freezing process occurs as it falls, causing a snowflake to develop its individual geometric shape.

Once the process is completed, the speck of dust has been spontaneously transformed into the complex, beautiful shape we’ve come to recognize.

Symbolic Meaning of Snowflakes

Snowflakes have many symbolic meanings that make them special to different people and cultures. The most common is uniqueness.

Snowfall collects like a huge blanket enshrouding everything in white, but a closer look reveals that each snowflake is unique and precious. Snowflakes are the perfect example of the special qualities and characteristics that make someone unique and remarkable.

Snowflakes also symbolize purity and rebirth. Snow falls, melts, evaporates, and can once again be reborn as a unique snowflake.

This symbolic meaning is in perfect harmony with our ability to change, grow, and become a new masterpiece daily. White is also the color most associated with purity and virtue. White is also the color most associated with purity and virtue.

Park City Jewelers Snowflake Collection

Park City Jewelers’ unique snowflake jewelry has been one of our most popular collections for decades. These stunning pieces are the perfect way to commemorate a beautiful day out on the slopes, the holiday season, or show someone just how special they are.

Our jewelry comes with a free lifetime warranty covering craftsmanship, service, and cleaning, so that you can buy with confidence. Designs come in sterling silver, 14K white, yellow, and rose gold, and feature unique gems and diamonds.

Shop our collection of stunning snowflake jewelry and find the perfect gift today!