Snowflake Jewelry - Why It's the Perfect Gift

Snowflake Jewelry - Why It's the Perfect Gift

Everyone wants to give a thoughtful gift that will be meaningful to the person receiving the gift. The unique symbolism of snowflake jewelry is a surefire way to give a gift that they’ll remember and cherish for a lifetime. 

Symbolic Meaning of Snowflakes

Snowflakes have many symbolic meanings that make them special to different people and cultures. The most universal symbol of a snowflake is uniqueness. 

They fall from the sky and collect as huge blankets on the ground, but a closer look reveals each snowflake’s absolute uniqueness. Snowflakes are the perfect example of an individual’s special qualities and characteristics. 

A snowflake’s shape makes them a prime example of divine beauty in nature. 

Snowflakes form around specks of dust or pollen in the sky. Water vapor coats the speck and then freezes forming a tiny crystal of ice. This tiny crystal is the seed from which a snowflake will grow. 

As the crystal falls to earth the snowflake begins to grow. A systematic freezing process occurs as it falls causing a snowflake to develop it’s individual geometric shape. 

Once the process is completed, the speck of dust has been spontaneously transformed into the complex, beautiful shape we’ve come to recognize. 

Snowflakes also symbolize purity and rebirth. Snow covers the earth in a rich blanket of pure white. White has traditionally been the color associated with purity or virtue. 

When snow melts it’s transformed back into water, evaporates, and can once again be reborn a completely unique snowflake.  

Park City Jewelers Snowflake Collection

Park City Jewelers’ unique snowflake jewelry has been one of our most popular collections for decades now and is the perfect way to commemorate a beautiful day out on the slopes, the holiday season, or to show someone just how special they are. 

We are proud to be the first jewelers on main street in Park City to offer our signature snowflake pendants. Often imitated, our snowflakes are designed and made right in our store with the very best materials and expert craftsmanship.

All of our jewelry comes with a free lifetime warranty that covers craftsmanship, service, and cleaning so you can buy with confidence. Designs come in sterling silver, 14K white, yellow, and rose gold, and feature unique gems and diamonds. 

Shop our collection of beautiful snowflake jewelry online or in store today. 


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