Peacock or mermaid sapphires have become one of the most popular colors of sapphires over the past few years, especially for engagement rings. They display unique blue/green, teal, blue-gray, and yellow hues that often have a color-changing appearance in different types of light. Continue reading to learn more about rare peacock sapphires. 

Woman wearing peacock sapphire ring

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphires are typically associated with rich deep blue coloring and became popular as an engagement ring gemstone when Princess Diana chose a large blue sapphire (which later became Kate Middleton’s engagement ring).

Gemstone hardness is essential to consider when choosing an engagement ring because it’s a piece worn every day,  and rings are more prone to impacts and scratching. Fortunately,  sapphires measure a 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, while diamonds measure a 10, making them slightly softer but still an ideal gemstone in all settings.

Sapphires of all types are a great alternative gemstone to diamonds, and over the past few years, peacock sapphire engagement rings have become especially popular. Their unique colors are great for couples that love the look of these rare and stunning gemstones and want an engagement ring unlike anyone else’s.

Are Peacock Sapphires Montana Sapphires?

Montana is the only place in the U.S. where sapphires are mined commercially. Montana sapphires have a distinct pale color compared to the rich colors of more traditional sapphires. The paler shades of Montana sapphires are closer to what you expect from peacock sapphires,  and many peacock sapphires are Montana sapphires. Sometimes you’ll even find the term Montana sapphire and peacock sapphire used interchangeably. 

But, the truth is that all peacock sapphires are not Montana sapphires, and gemstones exhibiting similar color profiles are found in other parts of the world. One of the benefits of buying a Montana sapphire is the knowledge that the gemstones were mined ethically and with minimal environmental damage. 

If you’re interested in Montana sapphires, we have an assortment of pieces featuring these beautiful gemstones. Our knowledgeable sales team can also help you find the color and size of Montana sapphire for your custom jewelry design.

Woman wearing peacock sapphire ring
Peacock sapphire loose gemstone


Peacock sapphires aren’t just for engagement rings, and Park City Jewelers has a unique selection of peacock sapphires available. Some of these are featured in finished pieces, while others are loose stones waiting to be crafted into a stunning custom piece. Our expert gemologists hand-selected each peacock sapphire to be the most beautiful at every size and price point. Shop our collection of peacock sapphires today!


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