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- Hi, this is Ken again from Park City Jewelers. I wanted to show you a couple other really fun gift ideas for Christmas if you need a gift idea for that guy who has everything. Years ago I found out about Damascus steel.

What Damascus steel it basically started with the samurais and they would make these incredible swords, and they would fold the metal, heat it, fold it, heat it, fold it. Well, the samurais, the ancient fathers, told the young boys that when they make it, they have to pound it with bamboo hammers. Well with bamboo hammers, it took forever to pound this hard steel out, even when it was hot, so they liked to steel hammers.

But the young guys' Damascus just wouldn't turn out as good as the old guys' Damascus. Well nowadays we found out why, is they were pounding these knives out with bamboo hammers, it was hot, bamboo was burning and it caused carbon to go inside of the steel. Well when they got done with them, that made carbon steel, which has a Rockwell hardness of about 65.

Most of the other knives back then, and swords were about 30 in hardness, so the samurais could literally cut everybody else's swords in half with theirs, if they follow the ancient fathers and made it right.

So, I love Damascus steel. One of the cool things about it is, when they finish, they put a finish on it, and then they put acid on there, and the acid shows all the really cool patterns of the knife. Nowadays, they've taken it one step further, and they've got these artists that do these incredible different patterns on there.

This one's called the wave pattern. One guy sits all day long at William Henry, the maker of these knives, and all he does is the wave. This one's called the bumble bee Damascus. And same thing, all this guy does all day long, is sit and make bubble bee Damascus steel. But anyway, these knives are made by them, they're incredible.

I've always wanted a Damascus steel knife so I found this company about 10 years ago, and we sell the heck out of them. They go fast, they're all limited edition. They've got the numbers of the editions on the end there. They sell just incredibly fast. If they'd let me sell them on eBay, they'd be gone. They keep their value like crazy.

This one's actually mammoth tusk. This one here is my favorite of all of them. This has meteorite inside of it. About a third of the meteorites that fall are nickel iron meteors, like this one here. And if you take this, slice it, and then put acid on there, you can actually see the crystalline structure of the meteorite. I tease that this one came from Voltron. We're not exactly sure where it came from but it is out of this world.

So this knife here, has the Damascus steel, the wave, and it has the incredible meteorite on there. Now, when I first got this knife, it had a hole in the meteor. It was a natural hole and I sent it back, and I go, no, I'm really, really picky, it's gotta be perfect. So they kind of whined and complained a little bit, but they put a new scale on the side of it that's perfect. Incredible piece, I can't believe it's not gone yet.

One of the nice things I like about the William Henry knives, it comes with a neat little sheath that goes inside of your pocket. The knife, you can just pull it out. Incredible. This one here, is blue pine cone that's been sliced, with the wave Damascus. But this sheath just slips inside of your pocket.

One of the problems with these old clip-on knives years ago, is these clip-ons weren't very sturdy, and they'd fall out of your pocket. I lost several knives out hiking through the bushes, hunting, or hiking, whatever, they'd catch on a branch. But these are really super tough.

The nice thing about the little sheath, is that the knife sits inside of there, and it won't get scratched up. Even though the knives are gorgeous, they suggest you use them. And if anything ever happens to them, we can fix them.

This has what's called an easy opener on it. You put your thumb on there and it just pops right open. It is a lock blade with locks and won't close until you push the sapphires on this one. So really, really, fun knives.

- [Andrea] What about the tassels?

- What's cool about these two, is when this is sitting there in your pocket, if you'll notice these cool little tassels hanging out of your pockets, where the tag's at there. And you'll actually have guys coming up to you and going, oh my gosh, you got a William Henry knife, let me see which one you've got.

'Cause they're all collector's pieces, they're all numbered. Some of them, we have one that's an edition of only five. William Henry makes some that are only a collection of one. If you come in or email us, we can actually put you in the system to where it will email you the day they make the knives, and you get first pick on them. 'Cause some of the knives are gone within 15 or 20 seconds. So really fun stuff.

When you buy a William Henry knife, it comes with this gorgeous wood box. A nice stand for it. It comes with an authenticity certificate, which has all the information about the knife, the material used, the designers, the whole thing. And a really nice box on the outside of it.

It also comes with, I call it, a thumb drive, I'm not exactly sure what everybody else calls it. And on this it shows how the knives are made. It's a really fun process.

So that's just kind of one of the fun things we carry here at Park City Jeweler. The William Henry's go from about $700 up to several thousand dollars. We have all kinds of them.

Another fun thing we have is some knives made by another friend of mine, it's Damascus steel, with this incredible inlaid wood on the side. These are only $279. Some fun money clips. This is mother of pearl and petrified dinosaur bone. Dinosaur bone from Utah, on of my favorites. This one's only $139.

So we have gifts in all price ranges for all people. Even $1000 meteorites. It just depends on what you're into. But we do have a lot of really fun men's jewelry. All different types of stuff. Some fun meteorite jewelry. These are a set of matching meteorites. Maybe they fell down at the same time, we never quite know. And then some other fun meteorite jewelry.

Come check us out. We really do have gifts for everybody. Starting at $29 and going up from there. We have rocks less than $29. We have a tradition here at Park City Jewelers, we've always been closed on Sundays, but this year we've got kind of a strange year coming on, the day before Christmas is a Sunday, so the 24th we're closed, it's a Sunday, so Saturday the 23rd is the last day we'll be open. So come in, see us, tell us hi. And say you saw us.

Thank you. Have a happy holiday.


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