(Not So) Lonely Heart Leaf

(Not So) Lonely Heart Leaf

Since Mother's Day and Father's Day are just around the corner, we thought we would share a sweet, thoughtful story that is sure to spark some great gift ideas for you.

From Bobbi Jo: 

"One of our long time customers called the store early one morning from his home on the East Coast. I was the only one in that early, so I took his call. He asked if we could fulfill a special Valentine's Day request for him.

His lady friend had taken a spectacularly beautiful autumn photo that showcased a beautiful birch leaf. She gave him a framed print of the leaf as a gift. The photo was very special to him. He called it the (Not So) Lonely Heart Leaf!

He decided to surprise her by giving her a leaf - made from jewelry - just like the one in the photo!

He sent me a copy of the photo. We took some photos of the druzy leaf collection we have in the store and sent them to him. We even modeled a few of the pieces so he could see what they looked like on! That was fun. :)

He found a leaf in our store that matched the one in the photo. He gave it to her for Valentine's Day and she loved it!

What a special, heartfelt gift. I was so happy to be part of making this special memory." 

It is our pleasure to help people make special memories with  jewelry. 

Thanks to Susan Lodato (photographer) and John Dooley (romantic) from Moorestown, NJ for letting us share their story.

Plan now and surprise the mothers and fathers in your life with a heartfelt gift, like John did for Susan.
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