Moms are special people in our lives and Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to show just how much we love and appreciate them. Whether you’re shopping for your mom, your wife, or a mom-to-be, jewelry makes a great Mother’s Day gift. It’s a beautiful and meaningful symbol she is sure to love.

Below we’ve put together a gift guide to help you choose the perfect piece of jewelry that she will cherish for a lifetime.

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Gather Ideas

Choosing the perfect gift is more of an art than a science. If you're unsure what she might like here are a couple of easy places to start.

You can put on your detective hat and look through her jewelry box to see what might be missing. Maybe she has a lot of earrings, but few bracelets or necklaces. Buying her something she doesn’t have a lot of can be an easy way to get her something she'll be excited about.

When choosing a piece it can be helpful to pay closer attention to the styles of jewelry she owns. Are there specific colors or stones she seems to like? Are there pieces that she wears often that could use an update or an upgrade? Does she prefer white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold? This can give you an idea of her general jewelry preferences.

Consider her personality and style as well. Is she outgoing and friendly, or is she more reserved and introverted? Is her fashion sense more flashy or conservative? These considerations can help you choose a piece that reflects her personality and style.

Gifts From Our Signature Collections

A Mother’s Day gift from one of our signature collections is a great way to find a special gift. Each of the pieces in our signature collections is unique, hand-crafted, and beautiful.

A gift from our snowflake collection is steeped in heartfelt meaning. Every snowflake that falls to the ground is special and unique, and a piece from our snowflake collection is symbolic of her special characteristics and qualities.

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If she loves the outdoors choosing a piece from our mountain jewelry collection is a great place to start. These stunning pieces artfully capture the beauty of mountain scenes and wildlife in one-of-a-kind custom jewelry. Our mountain collection is a great way to keep a love of nature close to her heart.

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Classic Mother's Day Gifts

These are great gift ideas almost every mother will cherish and enjoy. Heart-shaped jewelry is always a big hit with moms. Jewelry featuring her birthstone or her children's birthstone is also a classic choice. If she would like something that doesn't scream "mom" too much stackable rings featuring her and her children's birthstone are also a personable and fashionable idea she'll love.

We have stunning options in all price ranges. We've hand-selected the pieces below to make it easy for you to find the perfect piece to fit any budget.

Mother's Day Gifts $250 or Less
Mother's Day Gifts $250 - $500
Mother's Day Gifts $500 - $1,000
Mother's Day Gifts $1,000+

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Personalized and Custom Gifts

Personalized gifts are a great way to take your gift to the next level, making it that much more special and one-of-a-kind. Having them inscribed with names and birthdays of children, adding a favorite quote, or just saying "I love you" is a great way to personalize a Mother's Day gift.

Another great option is to have one of our jewelry artisans create a custom piece special just for her. Custom Mother's Day jewelry often includes her birthstone or the birthstone/birthstones of her children. There are endless possibilities when creating custom jewelry for Mother's Day.

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We hope that this guide has helped you find a great Mother's Day gift. Our team of jewelry experts is also available to help in any way they can. Feel free to call, text, stop by the store, or use the chat icon on the bottom right of this page!


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Happy Mother's Day!