Real-Life Park City Jewelers Customer Story:

"About 10 years ago I went to an estate sale and picked up a REALLY cool ring that was missing it's stone. It was pretty tarnished. I was sure it wasn't real gold, but I was so enthralled with the design that I bought it anyway. I paid about $20 for it. 
Then... it sat in the back of my jewelry box for a decade. I ran across it one day and thought, "Hmmm... I wonder what Park City Jewelers could do with this...?"
So I brought it to the store and I found out that it's actually 14k gold and was likely hand-crafted about a hundred years ago. SCORE! I love vintage. 
Ken helped me pick out a SUPER eye-catching blue topaz that I thought accented the gold ring beautifully.  I love wearing this ring! I'm so happy I brought it to PCJ."
What treasures do you have lying around in your jewelry box, unworn for a decade? Bring them in, update them, fix them up, and wear them again. 

(This is a video from the day Ken helped me pick out the stone.)



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