Park City Arts Festival Made Easy

Every year we enjoy the Park City Arts Festival. I've been here so long that I know how to do it without all the hassle. I thought I'd share my "Locals' Secret Tips" with you! 

1. Come 2 hours before the Arts Festival starts! That might sound really early, but it's so worth it! The Arts Festival usually opens an hour before they say it starts. This is huge. If you come 2 hours early, the parking is much, much easier. Park at the China Bridge or Sand Ridge parking lots.

2. Have breakfast on Main Street. Once you've parked, head over to Main Street for a bite to eat. A couple of our favorites are the Eating Establishment and Main Street Deli - they make a great breakfast! You can hang out and watch all the artists setting up. This is really interesting. And, it's nice & cool! 

3. Summit County locals can get in free on Friday night. Bring your license or utility bill and you and your kids will get in free.

4. Get your jewelry cleaned and polished for free. We'll clean your jewelry and polish it for free. And if you bring your kids, we'll give them free rocks to keep them interested.  

5. Come into Park City Jewelry for free drinks and homemade cookies on Fri. & Sat. Here's why I give them away: Years ago I came to the Arts Festival and it was hot! I was so thirsty. There were no drinking fountains and water was $4 a bottle. That really ticked me off. I don't want any of my customers or friends going thirsty or paying $4 a bottle for water. So, I bought a fridge to keep at the store and now I give water & sodas away! We also hand out free homemade cookies (my grandma's recipe). 

Why do we do all of this? 

We found a really weird secret: if you take care of your customers, they come back! Come on up and see us during the Arts Festival. (I'll tell you another time about how the Arts Festival is the reason I opened a store in Park City!)

Ken Whipple


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