A great horse will change your life. A truly special one defines it.

For those of you who love horses, or love someone who does...Gold Horse Head Silhouette Necklace

It's hard to explain the connection we have with our horses.

They are wild, and always will be at their core. We know in our hearts that we're lucky if we can tame them enough to ride them.

And... there's always the fleeting sense that they could go back to being wild at a moment's notice, without any warning.

They are unpredictable. Even the well-trained ones.

There is something so exhilarating about being "one" with these magnificent beasts.

The curve of their necks. Their flared nostrils. The trust they place in us when they allow us to lean against them and pick up their hoof to clean it. The exhilaration we feel when we gallop across a high mountain meadow. The relief we both feel when we get to the bottom of a steep hill. The moment in the spotlight when the announcer calls out your beauty's name for the first place ribbon.

I love every minute of it. From cleaning stalls to mountain trails to Grand Champion rides.

They are my best memories and my favorite anticipation.

Horses taught me a work ethic. They helped me overcome shyness. They make me feel brave.

Only people who love horses will understand.

If you have an equestrian in your life, our beautiful, unique horse jewelry captures our love for these majestic creatures.

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