With Father’s Day approaching, I’ve been thinking a little bit about my dad. As far back as I can remember, he’s been constantly working. To this day, my siblings and I joke about the fact that he’ll never really retire. 

My favorite memory of my dad goes back to when I was a teenager. Occasionally you could rope him into a deep conversation about the meaning of life, what really matters, and that life inherently has challenges. I always left these conversations feeling uplifted, like I saw the world and myself a little more clearly; most importantly, I felt closer to my dad.

Father’s day is a yearly opportunity to celebrate father's importance and show appreciation to them. Fathers have a reputation for being difficult to shop for. The ideal gift is meaningful that he’ll like and use, but that’s not always easy to figure out.

Fortunately, Park City Jewelers has many fantastic fine jewelry options for men of all walks of life, including cufflinks, knives, elk ivory jewelry, and many more! Continue reading to find the perfect gift to make him feel appreciated and that he’ll love for decades to come.

Men's stainless steel mariner chain bracelet

Men's Jewelry

Men’s jewelry is generally durable, stylish, and made with unique materials like tungsten, stainless steel, carbon fiber, meteorite, dinosaur bone, or elk ivory. Its larger, wider, and heavier aspects communicate substantial and masculine qualities. 


Cufflinks are a great gift of sophistication and style and are perfect for the man that could use more in the accessories department. This is especially true if his current cufflinks don’t match his style and/or personality. Our collection of cufflinks features a variety of materials, including dinosaur bone, elk ivory, meteorite, and precious stones. 

Cufflinks are a wardrobe essential for the well-groomed man and are a gift he’ll wear with pride.

Stainless steel meteorite cufflinks
2 blade pocket knife with sterling silver bear inlay


Shop our variety of hunting and tactical knives that make the perfect gift for the hunter or man who is handy. Many of these knives feature stunning sterling silver inlays of bears, elk, eagles, and wolfs.

We also carry a beautiful collection of William Henry pocket knives. These knives are splendidly designed, and each one is a work of art. William Henry knives aren’t just for show either; they’re meant to be used and feature Damascus steel blades and a lifetime warranty. 

Mountain Collection

Our signature mountain collection is a great place to find a unique gift for dad. Pieces feature wildlife such as bears, fish, elk, moose, deer, set in inspiring mountain scenes. Our mountain collection has many great choices including, bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

A piece from our mountain collection is perfect for the dad that loves the outdoors.

Man wearing sterling silver mountain ring
Man wearing elk ivory ring and bracelet

Elk Ivory

An elk ivory piece is fantastic for the father that loves to hunt. Elk have two teeth made of ivory, and it’s common for hunters to have jewelry crafted with the ivories harvested from their hunt. A custom piece of elk ivory jewelry is personal and memorable.

Don’t have your own ivories? No worries! We have jewelry crafted with our elk ivories ready and waiting to be shipped for Father’s Day. 

Dinosaur Bone Jewelry

It wouldn’t be Park City Jewelers if we didn’t talk about dino bone jewelry. Ken and Cole are big fans of dinosaur bone jewelry, and you can find both wearing a custom dinosaur bone piece most days. Dinosaur bone jewelry is incredibly rare and unique.

Man wearing dinosaur bone ring
Engravable metal wallet

Gift Personalization

Make his gift extra special by having it personalized. Engraving it with a sentimental message, his initials, or the birthdates of his children are great ideas. Rings, bracelets, cufflinks, money clips, and watches can all be engraved.


Father’s Day shopping doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow this gift guide and chances are you’ll find something that he’ll treasure for a lifetime. A member of our talented sales team can also help you find a great gift, so don't hesitate to reach out or stop by the store.


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