Let's start with the most basic question . . .

What is Mother's Jewelry?

Mother's Jewelry is a gift given to Mom's, Grandmas, & soon-to-be Moms & Grandmas. They can be rings or pendants which use birthstones to represent the members of their family. They can be used to represent family members that are alive, passed away, or soon to be born. (Although most mamas know babies come when they decide so guess carefully!)

What is a Birthstone?

The history of birthstones is a long and fascinating tale but we will shorten it up so you can get the basic idea without taking a ride back to history class. In 18th Century Poland the idea that each month should have an assigned birthstone finally took hold but the 12 specific stones weren't finalized until 1912. The idea is that each month has a unique "birthstone" that is associated with it. These stones are typically "precious" stones but some birthstone jewelry is set with synthetics or imitation stones. 

How do I find out my birthstone (or my siblings, or childrens)?

Check out our birthstone guide here

Should I use precious gemstones or synthetic/imitations gemstones?

That is a very loaded question and one that we can't answer for you, but we would love to educate you enough to help you make that decision on your own. Here are a few things to think about: 

  • What is your budget? 
  • What does she usually wear? What is her style?
  • What birthstones are you looking at? Diamonds (April) can be very expensive while birthstones like Amethyst or Topaz (February & November) are a little more budget friendly. 
  • How long do you want it to last? Precious / Real Stones will usually hold their shine and value longer than synthetics or imitations. 

How much does mother's jewelry cost?

Another very loaded question. A mother's ring or pendant can usually cost as much or as little as you would like it to! They will vary depending on whether you choose a more expensive longer lasting metal like platinum or gold or if you choose a less expensive metal like Sterling Silver. They type and size of the gemstones also can vary pretty dramatically. Don't be intimated though we have had a lot of practice creating custom pieces to fit your style & budget!

What if we only have one child or one grandchild?

No problem! We can create a design using a single birthstone. If you want more than one stone people will sometimes include the birthstone of the Mom who will be wearing the ring/pendant or the birthstone of the Dad who is gifting the ring! Including Mom, Dad, and kiddos birthstone is a great way to represent the whole family. 

What if we aren't done having children?

That is a great question! If you aren't done having children than choosing a stackable style or a pendant is the perfect way to add on later. Choose a simple style & stack them together to create the perfect design that incorporates the whole family. This is also a budget friendly way to start on a Mother's ring! 

What finger are Mother's Rings worn on?

That is totally up to the person wearing it! The most common finger we see Mother's Rings worn on are the right ring finger or the right middle finger. It is really all about the person wearing it though & a personal preference that varies by person.

Can I design my own Mother's Jewelry?

We would love to help you design your own mother's ring / pendant or bring to life a design that you have already made! Our CAD & wax designers have had years of practice bringing our clients dreams to life.

Can a Mother's Ring be engraved?

Simple answer yes! A Mother's ring can be made with a name on the outside or engraved with a name or special message on the inside.

Why are the one's on Amazon, Ebay, or Etsy cheaper?

The inexpensive mother's pieces you may see listed other places are usually created using a base metal, gold filled metal or gold plated metal. This plating will eventually wear off or tarnish leaving the ring looking sad and neglected. Also most birthstone jewelry is created using fake / imitation stones which will lose their shine and cloud after being worn! We want to create a piece of jewelry that can be passed through your family for generations so our pieces are only created using high quality metals and stones.

What if she doesn't wear rings?

You are still in luck! We also make gorgeous Mother's Pendants that can be customized in all the same ways and worn close to her heart!


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