We have a love and passion for rocks and minerals, and our amazing collection of natural, hand-crafted stone bowls is a prime example. These large decorative bowls are most commonly made of onyx and fluorite. Each bowl is naturally asymmetric and carved by hand to preserve and enhance the banding of each stone. The natural beauty of these pieces makes a stunning addition to any home décor. Continue reading to learn about our collection of stone bowls.

Onyx Bowls

Hand-carved white onyx bowl

Onyx is also known as onyx marble, Mexican onyx, Egyptian alabaster, and banded calcite. Onyx is considered a sibling of marble as it is made from the same minerals, and has been used and carved for centuries. The stone is slightly translucent and can look particularly stunning when it’s backlit.

Onyx often features honey brown, copper, and dark almost black bands. This unique veining occurs as the mineral is formed. Onyx forms from spring water or groundwater that has a high calcite content. Over time the minerals precipitate out slowly building calcite crystals. The different colored bands are produced by differences in the flow and purity of the water.

Hand-carved honey colored onyx bowl

Fluorite Bowls

Fluorite bowl top view

Fluorite is naturally occurring and is found in one of the widest variety of colors of any mineral. Fluorite formed millions of years ago when water rich in fluorine and other minerals were pushed to the surface and interacted with calcium-rich limestone bedrock.

Most fluorite bowls feature a type of banding called “rainbow” banding and can exhibit shades of purple, green, blue, yellow, and clear in different combinations and patterns. The colors and patterns are a product of different environmental factors present while the fluorite is forming including impurities, exposure to radiation, and the presence or absence of color centers.

Fluorite has natural fluorescence properties (this is where the word fluorescence comes from) and will light up blue when exposed to ultra-violet light although the intensity will vary.

hand-carved onyx bowl side view

Crafting, Sourcing, and Care

Hand-carved blue onyx bowl

We source our decorative onyx and fluorite bowls directly from the artists one to two times a year. The majority of them come from Mexico, Brazil, and other parts of South America. Each bowl is crafted from a single piece of stone, with no glue or imperfections. The pattern and shape of each bowl is a unique and special work of art.

Onyx and Fluorite Bowl Care

Both onyx and fluorite are relatively soft when compared to other precious stones. They should be treated with care, and heavy use should be avoided as it can cause surface scratches.

Hand-carved onyx bowl

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Our decorative stone bowls are very popular, and it's common for people to inquire and purchase them before we are able to get them on the showroom floor. Each bowl is completely one-of-a-kind, and no two are alike. Shop our collection of bowls online or in-store today!

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Because of the variety of shapes and sizes (some are quite large) bowls typically do not qualify for free shipping. Shipping will be calculated on a case-by-case basis.