Park City Jewelers has been producing stunning corporate jewelry for over 30 years. Our design process, quality materials and craftsmanship, and lifetime warranty on workmanship make us the best choice for custom corporate jewelry.

Corporate jewelry can include logos and branding, engraving, or be left completely clean. There are endless possibilities. Here are a few great ideas for ways jewelry can be utilized in your business.

Park City Jewelers Custom Corporate Jewelry Award Necklace

Employee Awards

Throughout an employee’s career, there are times when something more than a simple ‘thanks” is in order. Show your appreciation for their loyalty and service by rewarding them with a piece of custom jewelry.

Each time they wear it, they’ll be reminded of how much you value their contribution to your business.

Championship Rings and Medallions

When an athlete or performer has risen to the top in the fires of competition or performance, a fitting symbol of their achievement is in order. Championship rings, Medals, and Medallions are the perfect symbol to honor and recognize their talent and greatness.

Park City Jewelers Custom Corporate Jewelry Bracelet Award
Park City Jewelers Custom Corporate Jewelry Rings

Employee Anniversaries

Anniversaries are a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge the dedication and loyalty of employees. Rewarding employees at significant employment milestones such as 5, 10, 15, and 20 years with a custom piece of jewelry will ensure they feel your appreciation for years to come.


Commemorate a lifetime of dedication to your business with a custom piece of jewelry. Pieces can be designed with a gemstone for each year of service or engraved with years of service, nicknames, achievements, or any other fitting tribute.

Man celebrating at a retirement party

Wrap Up

Those are just a few ideas of how to utilize custom jewelry in your business. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our jewelry artisans and start designing the perfect corporate jewelry for your business. Pieces can be created in large or small batches and turnaround times start at just 3 weeks.

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