Artist Spotlight: Myron Nix

Artist Spotlight: Myron Nix


Over the last 25 years, Myron Nix has made and sold thousands of obsidian, agate, & jasper arrowheads, knives, & tomahawks. Although he doesn't advertise online or maintain a web presence, he is will known in the flint and obsidian knapping community by collectors of fine arrowheads and obsidian knives. The most important part of his creations for him is creating perfect craftsmanship. He has created over 1,300 knives with striking and unique obsidian blades. He is known in the industry for his eye catching blades made with many different kinds and colors of obsidian. Standard knappers will customarily use a standard black obsidian but Myron's work often contains silver sheen, gold sheen, rainbow, banded, & triple flow obsidian.

He has also pioneered the use of new and varied materials and designs for his knife handles, including various types of horn, leather, semi-precious stones, wood, cactus, and other naturally-occurring materials. Regardless of the type and design of Myron's knives you will always see the highest quality craftsmanship reflected in every piece! 

Did you know that obsidian knives like diamonds are graded based on 4 specific criteria? . . . To be considered top quality a knife must score high marks in each category. 

Here are the 4 criteria by which they are judged:

1. Uniformity & Evenness: The first and most important criterion for judging a fine obsidian knife is the quality of the knapping or chipping. Uniformity and evenness are the marks of a high value knife, especially in larger ones. When viewing Myron's knives you will notice a unique style of parallel, oblique chips running from both knife edges to the approximate center of the blade. The parallel, oblique chips are strikingly uniform in space & width. Unlike many knives of lesser quality (and cost) his chips do not abruptly end or "hinge-fracture" on the blades surface. 


2. Design & Construction: For the best knives, not only must the material be unique and eye catching, but the craftsmanship must be of the finest quality. To ensure the highest quality and appearance Myron gathers, buys and uses only the best materials. He spends many hours fabricating handles from elk, deer, antelope horns, cactus, ironwood, leather and other products. 


3. Large in Size: The third characteristic that defines a collectible obsidian knife is the large size of not only the blade itself but also the handle. Myron's knives range in size from 7-24" and he sometimes manufactures blades alone that measure over 20 inches in length. 

4. Type of Obsidian: The use of obsidian in different colors, patterns, stripes, translucency, and sheens can make a blade much more unique and desirable. The brilliant colors and stripes on some knives made using rainbow obsidian are particularly impressive, especially on a sunny day. 

When you buy a Myron Nix knife than you can be assured that it will not only be eye catching but will also rank highly in all 4 categories! 


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