Elk Ivory FAQ

Where are the ivory teeth located?

An elk's ivory teeth are located in the upper jaw near the front of the mouth where the canines would be. Other than the ivories, elk have no other upper front teeth.

What’s the best way to extract the ivories?

- Work around the bottom of the tooth at the root.
- Use a tough knife and cut around the root.
- If you need to use pliers, use them on the root.
- Grab the top of the tooth with pliers.

How should I ship my ivory/ivories to you?


-Wrap the tooth in paper towels or tissue paper and send to us in an insured box via USPS or FedEx,


- Put it in an airtight container. The tooth needs a few days to naturally dry out.
- Send it in an envelope. Using an envelope increases the chances your ivory will be lost or damaged during shipping.

Where do I ship my ivory/ivories?

Park City Jewelers
430 Main St.
BOX 3532
Park City, UT 84060

Or, Bring it in:
430 Main Street
Park City, UT 84060

If you choose to bring it in we'll happily give you a tour of our manufacturing facility at our retail store.

What happens to my ivory tooth once it arrives?

-The top part of the tooth is removed from the root.

-All nicks and cracks are polished out and the tooth is brought to a high gloss finish.

-We customize our design to fit your tooth in order to preserve the natural size and shape of your ivory.

(**Most other jewelers will trim and shape your ivory to fit their design permanently altering it)

-Your elk ivory piece is crafted from start to finish by one of our jewelry artisans. The tooth you send us is the tooth you get back.

What color will the finished tooth be?

Most hunters like the natural tawny brown shade. If you would like your tooth darker, we have a natural enhancer that will bring out the darker colors.

I have a cool idea for personalizing my keepsake. Can you do custom designs?

Yes. Your piece can be customized with the points to match your bull's rack, personalized with an engraving of your initials or dates of your hunt, and any other message you'd like.

What kind of warranty should I expect?

We offer a free lifetime warranty on workmanship for every piece we sell. We’ve been making jewelry for more than 30 years. We have an A+ rating with the BBB, and our brick and mortar location ensures you'll be able to get help for decades to come.

Learn more about our free lifetime warranty Here >>

What if I don’t have my trophy elk yet?

Not a problem! We have a wide selection of elk ivories available. We are very selective when choosing the ivories in our collection, and only take the largest, best looking ivories.

Do you have men’s and women’s jewelry?

Yes! We have a wide selection of men's and women's designs featuring elk ivory. Remember the thrill of the hunt with his & her jewelry made from your precious elk ivory.

Why Park City Jewelers

-You save when you use your own ivory. We offer $100 off for each ivory you provide for your piece. Many other jewelers charge more to use your own ivories.

Use these discount codes to save:
ELK100 - 1 Ivory
ELK200 - 2 Ivories

-Our jewelry is significantly higher quality than your average jewelry store. When you pick up a piece of our jewelry you'll notice an heft and craftmanship absent in other jewelry.

-Your piece with last generations.

-Best value. We've positioned ourselves to make the highest quality jewelry for the best price. By owning our building and doing all manufacturing in house we're able to craft the highest quality jewelry for the best price.