Red emerald, also known as red beryl or bixbite, is one of the rarest and most desirable gemstones available today. It is only found in a select region of Utah making it one of the few All-American gemstones. In this blog post I cover the history, rarity, and characteristics of this unique gemstone.


Red emerald was discovered in the Wah Wah Mountains of Utah in 1904 by Maynard Bixby. It was originally named bixbite after the discoverer, but this name was eventually abandoned due to confusion with the mineral bixbyite that Bixby also discovered.

It has since been officially known as red beryl, but is often marketed as red emerald because it shares many characteristics of emeralds (crystal structure, types of inclusions, hardness, etc.)

Red Emerald Is Extremely Rare

The  Utah Geological Survey estimates that 150,000 gem-quality diamonds are found to one crystal of red emerald. Another way to think about it is The Gemmological Association of Great Britain estimates that a 2 carat red emerald is as rare as a 40 carat diamond. Wow!

The reason it is so rare is that it requires very unique geological conditions to form and many experts believe it is unlikely that it will be found anywhere else in the world.

The other factor in play is that the mine where the mineral is found periodically closes stopping all production of new gemstones. All of these factors greatly increase its value.


Red emerald is in the beryl family of minerals. Other beryl minerals include emerald, aquamarine, and morganite. Beryl measures a 7.5 - 8 on the Moh’s Hardness scale. Any gemstones above a 7 on the scale are considered ideal for everyday wear pieces such as engagement and wedding rings.

In color, the hues range from raspberry pink to purplish pink. The color is often rich and saturated which helps give it its beauty.

Many red beryl specimens are not pure enough to be faceted but are instead shaped and polished as cabochons. As you shop our selection you'll notice pieces with faceted gemstones as well as cabochons. Both are beautiful in their own unique way.

Red Emerald Jewelry

Due to its rare nature red emerald could never be mass marketed. In fact, it's very unlikely any other jewelry store will have red emerald pieces. Our collection of red emerald is the direct result of our relationship with the owner of the mine, and we are proud to have one of the largest collections of red emerald jewelry in the world.

There are many benefits to owning a piece of red emerald jewelry. Red gemstones have historically been the most popular.

Its hardness value makes in a very durable gemstone, durable enough for engagement and wedding rings.

Because it is so rare it's highly unlikely anyone you know or run into will also have red emerald jewelry. There is also the possibility that new red beryl gemstones will no longer be available.

Last but not least, you're owning a piece of Utah and American history.

If you're interested in red beryl jewelry don't hesitate to reach out. We have a large selection available online and in-store, and we also have many loose stones and cabochons that can be used in your next custom piece.

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