Golf has swiftly ascended as a beloved sport across the United States, welcoming around 2 million beginners each year and witnessing a significant rise in female participation, with women constituting 36% of new golfers annually. Amidst this growing fervor, golf jewelry emerges as a stylish emblem of one’s passion for the sport, both on and off the greens. At Park City Jewelers, we pride ourselves on offering an exclusive collection of golf-themed jewelry that mirrors the elegance and spirit of the game.

Unavailable elsewhere, our unique designs are meticulously crafted in sterling silver or 14K gold, ensuring every golfer can find a piece that resonates with their love for golf. Join us as we delve into the world of golf jewelry, where each piece tells a story of triumphs, challenges, and the sheer joy of the game.

White gold and diamond hole in one golf necklace

Celebrate Your Hole-In-One

Celebrating a hole-in-one is a momentous occasion for any golfer, a feat with odds as staggering as 12,500 to 1. It’s a triumph that deserves recognition beyond the immediate cheers on the course. That’s where Park City Jewelers steps in, offering exquisite hole-in-one charms and pendants designed to commemorate this rare achievement in style. Our partnership with esteemed women’s golf clubs, such as the renowned club in Renton, WA, allows us to celebrate each hole-in-one with a tangible token of excellence.

One of our cherished stories comes from Cathy Crawford, who, on a serene September morning, experienced the thrill of her life with a perfect shot from 127 yards out, marking her second hole-in-one. This special moment, celebrated with an exclusive Park City Jewelers pendant, serves as a lasting reminder of a day where skill, luck, and the joy of golf converged into a single, unforgettable shot.

Hole in One!

“On September 1st, 2020, I was golfing with Kyu and Carmel, we had the first tee time for the ladies division. When we got to the second hole, I teed off with my 7 iron. It was a front flag and the ball landed on the green. Carmel and I both watched it roll towards the flag, but then we lost sight of it. When we were walking to the green, I was looking for my ball and saw its pinkness behind the flag. The fact that I could see it gave me the impression that the ball had just rolled behind the flag. As I got closer, I realized that I could still see part of the ball because the holes were now shallow but it was in the hole! I yelled out of excitement, but because we were the first out, there really weren’t any other members of the ladies’ division to share it with besides Kyu and Carmel. On the next tee box, I immediately called my husband to share my good news. I also told anyone in the golf course that I encountered for the whole round. Maplewood gave me a plaque stating that it was 127 yard shot using a 7 iron. I used a pink Srixon ball. This was actually my second hole in one. I had one approximately 5 years prior at the Bridges in Rancho Santa Fe in CA. I have a Live Lucky golf bag and apparently it works!”

-Cathy Crawford

Men's Golf Jewelry

Discover the distinctive allure of men's golf jewelry at Park City Jewelers, where passion for the game translates into elegant design. Our collection features pieces like the 8mm serenium laser engraved golf ball ring, perfect for the golfer who appreciates the beauty of the game even off the course. Designed as an alternative wedding band or a statement piece, this ring embodies the spirit of golf with its intricate detailing and robust material, reminding the wearer of their love for the sport with every glance.

For those seeking functionality as well as style, our customizable sterling silver golf divot tools offer a touch of personal flair to your golfing essentials, making every round more memorable.

Serinium laser engraved golf ball ring
White gold I love golf pendant

Women's Golf Jewelry

Women's golf jewelry from Park City Jewelers offers a graceful blend of style and sport, perfectly suited for the lady golfer who takes pride in her game and her appearance. Our collection includes elegant options like the "I Love Golf" pendant, available in 14K white and yellow gold, which subtly showcases one's passion for the sport. For a more distinct representation, the woman golfing in a golf ball frame necklace provides a unique tribute to the elegance and precision of women's golf.

Each piece, whether a sophisticated bracelet designed by our talented artisans or a pendant that captures the essence of the game, is crafted with the female golfer in mind, ensuring that you can carry your love for golf with you, both on and off the course.

Concluding your journey through the world of golf jewelry at Park City Jewelers, each selection you've encountered is a testament to the blend of love for the game and appreciation for fine craftsmanship. Our diverse collection, backed by a free lifetime warranty on workmanship, ensures that every golfer can find a piece that resonates with their style and passion for golf.

From the lush greens of the course to the elegance of daily life, let our jewelry remind you of your most cherished golfing memories and achievements. Venture into our selection today, and let the spirit of golf be a constant companion in your adventures, both on and off the course.

Diamond golf ball tee pendant