Snowflake Flower Diamond Dangle Earrings

Snowflake Flower Diamond Dangle Earrings are set in 18K White Gold with 1.83ctw Diamonds\n\nThese snowflakes suspend off your ears mimicking the winter snowflakes that fall from the sky. The hand set diamonds sparkle just enough to add to the beauty of the snowflake without confusing the eye, each diamond is fully cut and faceted to create the most sparkle.

The diamonds are Color: G-H, Cut: Round, and Clarity: SI1 or better. Our snowflakes are guaranteed not to melt anything but her heart.\n\nThe snowflake can serve as a symbol for human individuality. As the snowflake falls it is changed and altered by the conditions around it just as humans are affected by what we experience on our journeys. We're all as individual as snowflakes intricate, beautiful snowflakes, continually growing outwards and evolving. Unlike snowflakes though if the conditions aren't right for the type of growth we desire, we can move or change the situation. Snowflakes and humans both start out with similar characteristics but each individual one will be molded and changed by their own circumstances.  And through that process we become as unique and as complex as a snowflake, each more rare and beautiful than the last.

Snowflake jewelry is a great way to remind someone that although their circumstances may seem difficult, it is up to them to decide how to grow and evolve from their surroundings. Each trial we encounter creates a unique personality trait that makes every person who they are!

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