Pine Cone Earrings

Pine cone earrings are featured in 14K white gold, also available in 14K yellow gold, or 14K rose gold.

Pine cones are a unique seed found near pine trees. It is believed that a pine cone is a source of endless intrigue. If someone in your life has never ending curiosity, these pine cone earrings are a great way to encourage that imagination. The jewelers at Park City Jewelers found these pine cones from alder bushes while hiking in the Unita Mountains. The jewelers used the pine cones to create a mold. Each pine cone is as unique as each pine cone found in nature.

To create these pine cones, the jewelers will take natural alder bush pine cones and create a mold out of plaster. The real pine cones take the place of the wax in the lost wax casting process.

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