Pearl Faceted Golf Club Ring


Inspired after a single day on the golf course, the designers at Park City Jewelers designed and created this unique golf ball and club ring. At the center is a faceted pearl representing the golf ball. The head of a golf club is on either side of the pearl with the shaft and grip of each club forming the shank of the ring. Golf is a sport played by the most passionate of people, and this ring allows you to take your passion for golf off of the course and into your everyday life.

Park City Jewelers is proud to share this unique and gorgeous ring with you. The superior quality found in this ring will allow it to become a family heirloom that you will be delighted to share with your family. This ring makes a perfect hole-in-one award or trophy, and an unforgettable Mother's Day gift.

This piece can be custom made in different sizes, stones, metals, or anything you may have in mind, call our designers at 435-649-6547.

SKU: L-1920

This faceted pearl putter ring is featured in 14K white gold.


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