Mini Pine Cones Stainless Steel Mokume Accented Pen

Mini Pine Cones in Stainless Steel Mokume Accented Pen

Pine Cone Details: One of the largest, hardiest and most adaptable spruce in the world, Norway blue spruce is a native of Europe, and it is commonly called the mountain spruce there. Due to the hardiness and adaptability of the Norway blue spruce, it has been introduced and thrives in many areas of the world.

William Henry uses the pine cones from this majestic tree to create beautiful inlays for our knives. Before use, the pine cone sections are stabilized with a color pigmented resin, which enhances the contrast of the veneer and gives the scales a blue or red tonality. All our spruce cone is sourced responsibly.

Mokume Details: Was developed in the 1600s in Japan, allegedly by an Akita prefecture metal smith named Denbei Shoami (1651 to 1728). He used the mokume gane technique to dress up samurai swords.
The mokume gane technique involves fusing several layers of different metals, and artistically exposing sections of lower layers. The metal is often made to display a pattern that mimics wood grain. A variety of metals can be used to give different arrays of coloration.
Layers of metal are pressed together and fused with heat. The forged layers are carved to expose lower layers and are then pressed again. The carving and pressing is repeated to develop the pattern.